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Tridents Triathlon and Duathlon
Thirteenth Edition

The 2015 running of the Navy Tridents Triathlon and Duathlon will be taking place on June 7, 2014 at the Shearwater Gym and Fitness Centre. We will be hosting three races which will be a Sprint Triathlon, Try-a-Tri Triathlon, and a Duathlon.

The Navy Triathlon and Duathlon is the 13th running of this race. It is a great way to get started in the sport of Triathlon for first timers, and an excellent way to see how you stack up against the competition after a long winter for more seasoned racers. We re looking forward to seeing you all here for an excellent day of racing!

Keep an eye on Facebook ( and your email for important race updates.

See you race day!

Registration fees

Sprint Distance Triathlon Closed

Registration closed
  • 750m/20km/5km

    1. Closed
      Feb 17 – Feb 20
    2. $50.00
      Feb 20 – May 9
    3. $60.00
      May 10 – Jun 6
    4. Closed
      Jun 6 – Jun 6

Try-a-Tri Closed

Registration closed
  • 300m/10km/3km

    1. Closed
      Feb 17 – Feb 20
    2. $30.00
      Feb 20 – May 9
    3. $40.00
      May 10 – Jun 6
    4. Closed
      Jun 6 – Jun 6

Duathlon Closed

Registration closed
  • 5km/20km/3km

    1. Closed
      Feb 17 – Feb 20
    2. $40.00
      Feb 20 – May 9
    3. $50.00
      May 10 – Jun 6
    4. Closed
      Jun 6 – Jun 6

Moksha Yoga

Moksha Yoga Bedford has generously donated prizes for our top finishers in the Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon, and Try A Tri races.  You can work out your post race issues and get stronger for your future races at the same time! 



Try-A-Tri Heats

Heat 1 - 07:05  
1 Stewart Emily
1 Kilpatrick Callin
1 Sullivan Luke
1 Brickman Julian
1 Hastey Honor
1 McNutt Jordyn
1 Brown Laura
1 Bergin Siobhan
1 Taylor Jonathan
1 Bruce Cali
Heat 2 - 07:25  
2 Hopkins Wendy
2 Irving Jennifer
2 Fraser Terri
2 Bremner Sacha
2 Brackett-Hill Wendy
2 Morash Kelly
2 Maceachern Brian
2 Donovan Doran
2 Donovan Ella
2 Donovan Alexis
Heat 3 - 07:55  
3 Donohoe Marie-Louise
3 Mcinnis Kyla
3 Irving Chris
3 Roberts David
3 Maclean Jane
3 Newman Maureen
3 Trowbridge Alexandra
3 Lerner Shannon
3 Miller Colin
3 Mulvale Beth
3 Roberts-Regan Debra
3 MacKenzie Denise
Heat 4 - 08:15  
4 Yeo Jane
4 Stirrett Louise
4 Brett Kathryn
4 McNutt Holly
4 Seaboyer Laura
4 Higgins Jennifer
4 McCrossin Laura
4 Rowlings Danielle
4 Hovell Narda
4 Robison Jill
4 Taylor Caitlin

Sprint Triathlon Heats

Heat 5 - 08:35 (Volunteer Heat Morning)
5 Osburn Andrew
5 Lavigne Patrick
5 Langlois Claude
5 Fellows-De Borba Elizabeth
5 Josey David Shawn
5 Morgan-Hamm Bonnie
5 Lavigne Jeremy
Heat 6 - 09:05  
6 Cameron Adam
6 Card Patti
6 Joudrey Virginia
6 MacLeod Donna
6 Forsey Lisa
6 Cameron Sarah
6 Chiasson Terrilyn
6 Long Rob
6 Perry-Long Sheila
6 Burns Helen
6 Chalker Maria
6 Power Janet
Heat 7 - 09:45  
7 Sedore Jenny
7 Lambert Courtney
7 Raffel Maria
7 Raffel Henry
7 Atherton Frank
7 Bye Amanda
7 Casey Susan
7 Coressel Anne-Sophie
7 Dowling Laura
7 Lake Lori
7 Mckenzie Deidre
7 Brown Gina
Heat 8 - 10:15  
8 Legatto Jon
8 MacKinnon Jasmin
8 Robertson Dean
8 Roth Franz
8 Bergin Patrick
8 Crouse Andrew
8 Dever Mathieu
8 Laurie Mark
8 Marceau Valérie
8 Rad Kourosh
8 Dyer Christopher
8 Faulkner Susan
Heat 9 - 10:40  
9 Mercer Gail
9 Balcomb Brandea
9 Colter Keith
9 Crawley Trevor
9 Englehutt Greg
9 Estabrook Dan
9 Gaudet Janice
9 Gaudet Charla
9 Leonard Charles
9 McDougall Victoria
9 Woods Stefani
9 DeCoste Natalie
Heat 10 - 11:05  
10 Sutherland Ian
10 Fitch Kevin
10 Boyd Catherine
10 Corbett Matthew
10 Gough Jennifer
10 Hennebury Clem
10 Heuthorst Theo
10 Littler Mark
10 Sherlock Courtney
10 Turner David
10 Moore Carlton
10 Scott Colleen
Heat 11 - 11:30  
11 Pollmann Andre
11 Murray Catherine-Anne
11 Brake Warren
11 Egerton Frazer
11 Fitzgerald Patrick
11 Haidar Yasser
11 Laporte Pierre
11 McKinnon Jen
11 McMillan Nicole
11 Ross Jim
11 Vickers Dara
11 Walsh Brian
Heat 12 - 11:55  
12 Thibault Isabelle
12 Dessureault Andre
12 Fleming Chris
12 Nickerson Jody
12 Adams Jennifer
12 Bergin Ailish
12 Blanchard Denise
12 Briand Angie
12 Chatwin Lauren
12 Corbin Tony
12 Durling AJ
12 Thibault Aaron
Heat 13 - 12:15  
13 Halliday Theresa
13 Hovell Jeffrey
13 Hudson Dennis
13 Jewell John
13 Johnson Mark
13 Keirstead Matt
13 MacDougall Bradley
13 MacLean John
13 Matheson Shannon
13 McWhirter Micheline
13 Mercier Gabriel
13 Morgan Bobbie-Sue
Heat 14 - 12:35  
14 Morris William
14 Roth Stephen
14 Smith Aaron
14 Gourichon Boris
14 Lambert Marie-claude
14 Whynacht  Laura 
14 Frenette Gilles
14 Lewis Shawn
14 MacNeil Tracy
14 McGuigan Cory
14 Raiche-Marsden Michelle
14 Ramsay Rachelle
Heat 15 - 12:55  
15 Samson Nicholas
15 Sankey Simon
15 Moyles Michael
15 Decoste Douglas
15 Greenwood Jennifer
15 McAfee Carla
15 Schleit Katie
15 Ward Sean
15 Brooks Tim B.
15 Dorrance Adam
15 Estabrook Hannah
15 Gray Alastair
Heat 16 - 13:15  
16 Hayden Jill
16 MacDonald Ellen
16 Butler Bob
16 Compton Tyrone
16 Ford Charles
16 Grimard Kim
16 Bond Troy
16 Stewart Joe
16 Crowe Nick
16 Jordan Christopher
16 Webstey Aaron
16 Brooks Tim C.
Heat 17 - 13:35 (Volunteer Heat Afternoon)
17 Hastey Kevin
17 Thomas Krista
17 Beaver Adam
17 Weir Earl
17 Roberts Derek
17 Morris William
Heat 18 - 14:00 (Fastest from last year)
18 Larose Martin
18 Besner Kevin
18 Phillips Nicholas
18 McAlpine Derek
18 Brost Gordon
18 Tibert Ron
18 Corbin Peter
18 Estabrook Derek
18 Mitchell Jeff
18 Walsh Kevin
18 Fraser Kenny
18 Mercer Jason


Single Heat, Start time is 9am.


Flynn Natasha
MacLean Adele
McDonah Morag
Flynn Trudy
Flynn Fabian
Hughes Austen
Conley Kevin
Loughead Ian
John Benjamin
Aldred Adam
Rankin JIM
Siscoe Shauna
Arsenault Norm
Kerr Greg

Prizes and SWAG

Anyone who finished just off the podium last year received a boost, a Sufferfest Cycle Training Videos.  Now they're ready to turn their forth place into crushing the competition.  Don't be sad that they're going to beat you...  Know that finishing forth will get you your very own Sufferfest Cycle Training video!  We're excited to welcome them back as a supporter of our race.  These videos will help you find what you need to crush the competition.


So close, yet so far. 4th place is the worst place of all. We want to help race participants because if they want to make the podium, then they need The Sufferfest and a bit more IWBMATTKYT. 

Race Belts

Still reading this page and not moving ahead with registration?  Need another reason to register?  Tired of messing with safety pins in your nice race gear?  The Tridents Triathlon and Duathlon has you covered!  In addition to a race T-Shirt, we're adding a stylish race belt to your kit that you can use all season.  It'll help with making a fast transition and not having to put holes through everything.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to try out the course in advance?
    • Not in it's entirety.  The Pool portion is an active pool with it's own swim schedule.  The Runway is completely unaccessabile due to being partially a live runway.  The Run portion can be accessed any time as it is the Shearwater Flyer trail. 


  • What time do I need to arrive for registration? 
    • You should arrive approximately an hour and a half before your heat to give you time to register and get setup.  Please do not arrive at the registration desk more than two hours before your heat as it can cause a bottleneck at registration.  There is also a limited amount of space in the Transition area so please do not rack your bike too early before your heat and remove it promptly once you have finished racing.


  • The run is on a trail, do I need trail shoes? 
    • No, the trail is crusher dust and quite smooth. 


  • What time is my heat?
    • Heat times will be emailed to your registration email a day or so after registration closes. 


  • What time is race kit pickup?
    • Race kit pickup is part of registration the day of the race.   Please do not arrive at the registration desk more than two hours before your heat as it can cause a bottleneck at registration.


  • I would like to sign up for the race on race day. 
    • No. In order to setup the heats to run as quickly as possible we can not include race day registration.


  • Registration is closed and it is still before the deadline for registration, why can't I still register? 
    • Registration may be closed early due to the race selling out prior to the deadline.


  • There are no more Sprint Triathlon spots, but there are still Try-A-Tri spots.  Can I still do the sprint? 
    • The maximum registrants for those two events will be shuffled as needed up to a maximum between the two.  That number represents the maximum number of people we can run thorugh twelve person heats in the allocated amount of time for the day.


  • I'm traveling to the race with someone, can we be in the same heat? 
    • Maybe.  We group racers based on swim times.  Sometimes we can move people into slower heats to keep people grouped together.  Usually we can get people in almost the same heat so they race in the morning or afternoon together.  While we can try to accomidate, we cannot promise that it will be possible.  Please enter a note in the special requirements with this request


  • Is there a Team Event?
    • Unfortunately there is not a team event offered at this year's race.  There has been some interest in team events, with enough demand we would consider adding it as an option to future events.


  •  Is there a Junior Event?
    • There is not a specific event being held for Juniors.  Due to the current race heat format the additional requirements to keep the draft legal portion of the race separate for Juniors increases the gap between those heats significantly and a less racers per hour are able to get through the event.  If there are enough Junior racers we will be attempting to group them together in early race heats of the main event.


  • I can't make it to the race, do you need volunteers?
    • Yes, please contact us via email and we'll get you on the volunteer list.  We're looking for lots of volunteers, we would need a commit for the whole morning or whole afternoon.  Both is ok too, but it is a long day.


  • Is there an awards ceremony? 
    • Awards for the top finishers in each gender for each race will be given out.  Times are posted in the event details.  Even if you haven't finished on the podium come by.  Forth in class and draw prizes may be available too!


  • Are there showers available?
    • There are!  Showers, lockers, and washrooms are available in the Shearwater gym facility

Timing and Race Services provided by:

Event Schedule

  • May 10 12:00 AM ADT - Early Bird Registration Closes

  • June 5 12:00 AM ADT - Tentative Heat Delivery

  • June 7 6:00 AM ADT - Registration Opens

  • June 7 6:00 AM ADT - Morning Volunteer Checkin

  • June 7 6:15 AM ADT - Morning Volunteer Briefing

  • June 7 7:00 AM ADT - First Try-A-Tri Heat Begins

  • June 7 9:00 AM ADT - Duathlon Begins

  • June 7 10:00 AM ADT - First Sprint Triathlon Heat Begins (Estimated)

  • June 7 10:45 AM ADT - Try-A-Tri Awards (Tentative)

  • June 7 10:45 AM ADT - Duathlon Awards (Tentative)

  • June 7 11:00 AM ADT - Afternoon Volunteer Checkin

  • June 7 11:15 AM ADT - Afternoon Volunteer Briefing

  • June 7 4:00 PM ADT - Racing is Complete

  • June 7 4:30 PM ADT - Sprint Triathlon Awards (Tentative)

Contact Information

Event Location

CFB Shearwater, Shearwater, NS, Canada

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