The APEX Run is one of Erie’s first “Adventure / Mudder” style runs, and is hosted by the YMCA of Corry and by Miracle Mountain Ranch. The run starts on October 15 at 9:30 a.m. Run day registration goes from 8:00am– 9:15a.m. We will be starting in waves. There will be one run: 5-6 miles with 18 or more obstacles.

All runners will receive a hot meal lunch after the event.  All family members/spectators may also eat on a donation basis beginning at 11:00A.M.

Registration Fees

Individual Closed

I want to compete as an individual

Team Closed

I want to compete as part of a team (4 person minimum)

Planned Obstacles


  1. Rope Decent- Muddy, steep decline
  2. Road Cavalettis – series of jumps along the road
  3. Swinging bars
  4. Spider Web – Rope maze that you weave through
  5. Tire Flip – Tractor and truck tires
  6. Sluice Pipe Crawl
  7. Paintball Run – Wooded area**
  8. Britches Burner – Natural, steep, loose rock
  9. Creek Crawl – Natural, wet, cold
  10. Apex Climb – Natural, steep
  11. Apex Wall – Climb over an angled wall w/ ropes to assist
  12. Log Haul – Pick up a log and run it around to a designated spot
  13. Sand Bag Challenge – Fill a bucket, move sand to a different spot
  14. Buried ALIVE-no despcription availablae!
  15. Pond – Natural, wet, cold**
  16. Hydrant – Wet, cold
  17. Orchard Bog – Natural, muddy, stinky
  18. Log Landing Bog – Natural, muddy, stinky
  19. Saw Dust Bin – crawl through saw dust
  20. Sling Shot- Take aim

** These obstacles will have an alternate route which will increase your mileage.

Additional Event Details

This is a challenge course run and is not a timed event. There will be door prizes for runners to win. We do plan on posting a timer during the event for people to mark their own time.

Join this event with friends and family members! Dress in team colors or themes to add to the fun!

Post-Run Party

After the run, HOT showers are available!

Also, join us for a hot lunch for all runners, provided by the Corry Subway.  Family and spectators may also join us for a lunch (on a donation basis) after the run starting at 11:00am.

Soup and a can't beat that!

Pictures are taken through out the course.  These can be viewed at

Please spread the good word!  

Event Contact Information for Miracle Mountain Ranch Facilities

Name: Roger Piger

Phone Number: 814-664-7673




Name: Lisa Cox

Phone: 814 664-7757



Event Schedule

  • October 15 8:00 AM EDT - Registration Start

  • October 15 9:15 AM EDT - Registration End

  • October 15 9:30 AM EDT - Event Start Time

  • October 15 11:00 AM EDT - Subway Lunch Served

Contact Information

Event Location

101 Rodeo Drive, Spring Creek, PA 16436, United States

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