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Brainsport Running Academy - Spring Session

Get ready for the Saskatchewan Marathon on May 29th right here in Saskatoon. Qualified coaches will guide you through a running program developed just for the Brainsport Running Academy. You'll also get access to our new Speaker's Series every Wednesday at 7 p.m. where you'll learn how to take your runnng to the next level by getting the most out of cross training, nutrition, the latest gear and more! Choose from four great courses:

Spring Tune Up with Pat Somerville - This is a special edition! Keep the heat on in the winter with a program designed to get you ready for the Brainfreeze on March 6. This 7 week course is best suited to the 10k event, but adjustments can be made to accommodate experienced runners who are preparing for the half marathon distance. $100. This session will not include the Speaker's Series. Tuesday nights at 6, starting on January 19th.

Performance Marathon with Jason Warick - Achieve your best marathon performance with the help of one of Canada's top talents. This 18 week course is designed for runners with sub 2 hour half-marathon experience. $170 Thursday nights at 7:15, starting on January 28th.

Beginner Marathon with Tobi Rempel - Looking to gear up for your first Marathon? Come out and join one of Saskatchewan's most experienced endurance athletes. This 18 week course is designed for runners who are new to the Marathon distance. $170 Monday nights at 6 pm, starting on January 25th. 

Half-Marathon with Mike McDonald - Both new and experienced half-marathoners alike will get an energy boost from this course. The 14 week course is open to any runner capable of running continuously for 35 minutes. $145 Monday nights at 6, starting on February 22nd.

10k with Pat Somerville - Build your endurance or unlock new speed with this fun and challenging 10 week course. Runners should be comfortable running 35 min. continuously before taking the course. $120 Tuesday nights at 6, starting on March 22nd.

Learn to Run with David Stark - Take the first steps towards a lifetime of running with our beginner course. Start with a brisk 30 minute walk and progress in 8 weeks to a continuous 30 minute run.  The course includes a souvenir tech shirt and our Speaker's Series  after the workout. $90 Wednesday nights at 6 PM, starting on April 6th.

Course participants will receive a fantastic piece of souvenir running apparel. They are also invited to incorporate our free Run Club into their weekly schedule. Run Club meets on Wednesday evenings at 6 for a 35-45 minute workout and on Saturdays at 8:30 for a 1 hour, or longer, workout.

Registration fees

Tune-Up Course Closed

Tuesday @ 6, 7 weeks

  1. CA$100.00
    Dec 16 - Apr 15

Performance Marathon Closed

Thursday @ 7:15, 18 weeks

  1. CA$170.00
    Dec 16 - Apr 15

1/2 Marathon Closed

Monday @ 6, 14 weeks

  1. CA$145.00
    Dec 16 - Apr 15

10k Closed

Tuesday @ 6, 10 weeks

  1. CA$120.00
    Dec 16 - Apr 15

Beginner Marathon Closed

Monday @ 6, 18 weeks

  1. CA$170.00
    Dec 16 - Apr 15

Learn to Run Closed

Wednesday @ 6:15, 8 weeks

  1. CA$90.00
    Dec 16 - Apr 15

Event Schedule

  • December 28 2:39 PM EST - Brainsport Running Academy

Contact Information

Event Location

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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