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Trailcross - Halifax
Trailcross was SUSPENDED due to low registration numbers... refunds mailed Oct 07

Upon reviewing Trailcross Halifax registrations at the closing of the 40% off early bird discount period, it is with regret that we are announcing the suspension of registrations and the cancellation of the 2016 event.  

All registrants have been directly contacted, and a full refund was provided, in quick order.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the races supporters, volunteers, and sponsors. Having a full field of participants is required to make the format work. We projected to fall well short of that, and did not want to disappoint or inconvenience them. Maintaining their friendship is very important to us.

We welcome any comments and suggestions by email.

October 03, 2016


TrailCross-Halifax is an exciting short course (1500m) cross country style run through the awesome groomed trails of McDonald Sports Park, Waverley, NS. It's positioned within your running season such that you'll be in your best shape and top condition. A free 6 week lead up training program will guide you to excellence.

HOW IT WORKS: It's all about HEATS.

Place in the top half of your first Qualifying Heat, you move on to earn your place in the subsequent quarter, semi, and championship final heats.  As you continue to place top half, you continue to advance.  So, it's a "heat based" elimination competition.  When you do well, you move up.  It’s about your position, not your time! 

If you don't place in the top half of your first heat, you still continue competing, to earn a spot in the  consolation "Champions of Tomorrow" rounds and Finale!  Overall top 3 consolation round winners  re-enter the Championship Semi Finals. Keeping it Alive. Never give up!

At all times - you have FUN!  YOU CAN DO THIS. It's a 1500 meter loop.  

Check out this  2015 VIDEO highlights:


TRAILCROSS Halifax is a run that challenges the fitness level of any athlete, plus tests their mental and physical strength. The parks trails are no tougher than Point Pleasant or Shubie Park, but are even more beautiful. Between heats,  you will have time to relax and recharge at the Athletes Village Expo. Rebuild your energy stores for your next heat.

Are you up for it? YOU WILL BE REWARDED

Great prizing was distributed last year!  Like, $1000 in lululemon shopping for womens placings, and Best Buy for mens placings. NB shoes to Age Class folks, Many more field prize winners of  MEC, Soles in Motion, Trail Shop, Running Room, and kinesicsportlabs gift cards. Later this summer the 2016 prize lineup will be announced.

Only a few limitations:  16 and over ages are allowed. Remember that 16 and 17 year olds will require parental / guardian sign off.

PLAN AHEAD for 29 October 2016 - Early Bird Discounts to all. $30.00 till October 1, then $50.00 till raceday.

Registration fees

Trail Running Closed

Registration closed
  • Heat Based Elimination Race - 50% advance each heat

    1. $30.00
      Aug 15 – Oct 1
    2. $50.00
      Oct 2 – Oct 2
    3. Closed
      Oct 2 – Oct 28

How are the heats built?

Of course. we build separate heats for males and females. Plus for your first qualifying heat, we do a random draw, chosing from a range of mile time abilities. Please indicate your current one mile time when you register. Subsequent heats are determined by random draw.  

What was TC 2015 like?

All in all, it was pretty GREAT! 93.3 percent of those survey responders LOVED IT.  Sure we had some growing pains, who doesn't, but take a look at these pure comments:

In 10 words or less, describe your Trailcross experience:

One of my best race experiences yet (and I have done a lot)!


a great concept, but lacking due to low numbers

A fun, competitive, social environment. The 1500m sprint was a difficult kind of race

for me to adapt to, however. I was expecting something a bit longer at 2 and 1/2 km or so.

I found it difficult to adapt to the

high-speed intensity of the shorter distance. By the third race, my legs were truly done.

Interesting look at a new twist on the sport

Great fun

A fun new thing to do

Nerve racking! Exciting! A great big question mark going in. Loved it

Fun, and humbling

An exciting new event style that had everybody vying for placing very similar

to championship racing for track athletes

Not for me. I am not a racer and could easily get hurt if not careful. These races are more for

younger bones. I would rather have a rally with check points.

Unique, challenging and worthwhile fun

It was ok

Challenging and unique. Though I only missed the semi-finals by a few strides, I would

say it was fun. Just not in my wheelhouse.

Fun and challenging

I enjoyed the head to head competition, coming from road racing where it's usually the

clock you race, was a fun change.

How does it work again?

Trail Cross starts as alternating Male and Female Qualifying Level heats, of up to 10 runners*.

It’s just that simple. Run Well and Advance.  Last year’s entrants confirmed that the 1.5 K trail is not too aggressive, but it is a challenge in places.  

The top 50% of each heat in the qualifying round advance to quarter finals and advance from there to semi-final and final championship rounds.

Be a strategic runner. (It's about your place, not your time, conserve energy, but compete smart)

Consolation rounds enable bottom half finishers of the qualifying level heat runners to advance too. The eventual first three male and female placers re-enter the Championship Round. How fair is that?

Keep winning and you run up to 5 times. That totals about 5 miles.

What do I do between heats? RELAX and RECHARGE in the Athlete Village EXPO. 

Make it a fun day. Challenge some friends to enter and place a few wagers. Win and Win.

*Heat sizes and numbers will reflect enrollments and will be adjusted on race day.

Does registering early benefit me?

We think it does. It sure will help the announcer and scorer call you out because of your PERSONALIZED bib that you can wear over your new TRAILCROSS 100% cotton T shirt. (first 100 for the T's) See, this is making sense now, isn't it! Sign up today. Pass the word!

What about SWAG?

It's always fun to get STUFF. As of today, that includes:

20% OFF your next lululemon shopping experience plus a race day lululemon KIT BAG

Just some of the PRIZE TABLE supporters include: lululemon athletica Halifax, aerobics first, eastcoast lifestyle. 

Stay tuned for more......

Are there Credit Card processing fees?

No. The Trailcross entry fee includes those. You only pay HST on top of the fee.

Are there AGE CLASS Awards?

The format of TRAILCROSS makes age class awards non sensical when you think about it. It just wouldn't be fair as it's an elimination race. But we are again working on having a prize draw for each of the 6 age classes. Both Male and Female. Stay turned for more details.

Event Schedule

  • August 15 11:30 AM ADT - Registration Opens at $30.00

  • October 1 12:00 AM ADT - Registration Price Increases to $50.00

  • October 29 8:30 AM ADT - Race Day Kit Pick Up (lululemon bag)

  • October 29 9:00 AM ADT - Athlete Village EXPO OPENS

  • October 29 9:30 AM ADT - Heats Begin (recurring every 4 to 5 minutes)

  • October 29 1:00 PM ADT - Awards &Post Race Celebration at finish line

Contact Information

Event Location

McDonald Sports Park, 1390 Cobequid Road, Waverley, NS, Canada

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