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Name Location Sub-event
Abby Morris Dartmouth, CA 10K
Abdel Alkuor Halifax, CA 10K
Adam Cook Toronto, CA 10K
Adam Crocker Dartmouth, CA Basket Run
Adam Sarty Halifax, CA 5K
Adam Gallant Halifax, CA 5K
Adam Dennis truro, CA 10K
Adora Arsenault Halifax, CA Basket Run
Alara Earle Truro, CA 5K
Aldo Furlan Winnipeg, CA 10K
Alena Trecartin Dartmouth, CA Basket Run
Alex Redwood Halifax, CA Basket Run
Alexander Wos Halifax, CA Basket Run
Alicia Pensarosa Gloucester, US 10K
Alison DeLory Halifax, CA 10K
Alison Smith Trenton, CA 5K
Allan McCulley Parrsboro, CA 5K
Allie Lockhart DARTMOUTH, CA Basket Run
Alyssa Comeau New Minas, CA 10K
Alyssa Bradford Falmouth, CA Basket Run
Amanda Debison Timberlea, CA 10K
Amelia McInnis Fall River, CA Basket Run
Amelia Wos Halifax, CA Basket Run
Amy Madsen Edmonton, CA 10K

Event Location

Five Islands, NS, Canada

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