In 2006 a new venue named the Eppie’s Kids Duathlon was added and held in conjunction of the Eppie’s Great Race® . The primary focus of Eppie’s Kids Duathlon was to show our youngsters that healthy outdoor activities are fun, exciting and rewarding, with the end goal to help them improve their fitness. The race featured a 2-mile run and a 6.5-mile bike course that encompassed ages 4 to 17.

 In 2014, the Eppie’s Kids Duathlon was separated from the Eppie’s Great Race®. It is now held every year on the third Sunday in October, at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA. Children are provided with their own event, on their own day. The race now features three, age appropriate courses: 4-6, 7-10, and 11-13.

In 2015 a fourth division was added named the “Epic Challenge” a division for children with physical disabilities. Also in 2015 came a new beneficiary, Shriners Hospitals for Children™ Northern California.

We hope our duathletes will continue their involvement in running and cycling and someday compete as triathletes or in a relay team in the Eppie’s Great Race®, “The World’s Oldest Triathlon®”.

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Registration Fees

Epic Challenge Closed

.5 mi. Run & .5 mi. Bike

Ages 4 - 6 Closed

.5 mi. Run & 1 mi. Bike

Ages 7 - 10 Closed

1 mi. Run & 4 mi. Bike

Ages 11 - 13 Closed

2 mi. Run & 5.5 mi. Bike

Event Schedule

  • October 16 7:45 AM PDT - National Anthem

  • October 16 8:00 AM PDT - Epic Challenge Start

  • October 16 8:10 AM PDT - Ages 4 to 6

  • October 16 8:30 AM PDT - Ages 7 to 10

  • October 16 9:15 AM PDT - Ages 11 to 13

  • October 16 11:30 AM PDT - EKD EXPO & Awards

  • October 16 12:30 PM PDT - Closing Ceremony

Contact Information

Event Location

Discovery Park, Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA, United States

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