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Total raised
$975.00 Goal: $3,000.00

My Story…

I was raised in Anchorage, Alaska and have been fostering since I was 21 years old. I have been part of BEACON HILL as the President since the beginning of the transitional living home in 2009 and I have been part of the transformation into foster care and adoption resource center that focuses on both reunification, community support, and the prevention of child abuse and neglect. I am walking in order to keep BEACON HILL up and running in the State of Alaska.

Thank you for supporting our children and our community through your pledges to BEACON HILL!

Recent donors

May 13 Gerald Jeffery $25.00
May 13 Rachel Aguilar $25.00
May 12 Anonymous $50.00
May 10 Barbara Rawalt $50.00
May 06 Diondra Matthews $25.00
May 05 Cherilyn Ansley $25.00
May 04 Anonymous $250.00
May 03 Anonymous $500.00
Apr 25 Charity Carmody $25.00