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Help Jessica raise money

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Total raised
$1,626.13 Goal: $2,000.00

My Story…

I have worked for BEACON HILL in several capacities since November 2014. In that time I have been part of a team that moves quickly and efficiently toward large goals that can truly have a impact on Alaska. Beacon Hill is full of diligent people who sprint in the direction of community support and child abuse/neglect prevention. We are 100% privately funded and believe that our community has the ability to care for each other outside of government intervention.
Please consider supporting vulnerable children and families in Alaska through BEACON HILL!

Recent donors

May 13 Robbin Smith $25.00
May 13 Rene Brauer $50.00
May 13 Gabriela Ruzicka $10.00
May 13 Dylan Robertson $50.00
May 12 Anonymous $100.00
May 12 Anonymous $100.00
May 10 Brittany Giesken $100.00
May 10 Andrew Scites $15.00
May 10 Anonymous $276.13
May 10 Robert Van Ausdal $100.00