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The EPIC Try-A-Tri
An Mini Triathlon for everyone! (16+)

2017 EPIC Try-A-Tri Registration now open - here is the link:

Welcome to EPIC Try-a-Tri.    

We planned this race to be an introduction to triathlon; really short distances, untimed, and on a closed road.   The perfect way to “get your feet wet” and try our sport. You don’t need to buy any fancy equipment.  Pull your old bike out of the shed, check the brakes,  make sure your helmet fits and you’ll be good to go!

Swim 200m, Bike 4.8km, Run 2.2km

Your race kit you will contain a bracelet and three stickers all with matching numbers.  One sticker is for your bike, one is for your helmet (the other is spare) and the bracelet is for you to wear during the race.  You must be wearing your bracelet and have the stickers on your bike and helmet in order to get access to transition zone (the area where you park your bike on race day) and you’ll need to show us the number on your bracelet when you go to pick up your bike and helmet to help us make sure everyone goes home with their own equipment. 

There are a few simple rules to know while you are doing a triathlon.

  • All belongings that you need for the race must be kept in the transition zone next to your bike, don’t put them on the beach or they will get in the way of other participants.  Don’t leave bags or other things in transition, only the stuff you need for the race can be there.
  • Your torso must be covered on the bike and run.  This means if you swam in a one piece swim suit you may continue on the bike and run in that if you want; if you swam in a two piece of trunks you have to put a shirt on.
  • Your helmet must be on and buckled before you take your bike off the bike rack.
  • Don’t ride too close to the bike in front. That’s called drafting and it’s not allowed.  Picture a Metro transit bus between you and the bike in front.
  • You cannot use an ipod (or similar) to pay music in your ears while you are on the bike or run. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I change my clothes to ride and run?

Most triathletes don’t change during the race.  Sometimes as mentioned in the rules you have to put a shirt, but this shirt and your shoes can be put on when you are next to your bike.  If you want to dry your feet on a towel, put it next to your bike too.  

The course 


You will swim two laps, in a counter clockwise direction running around a buoy on the beach after the first lap.  Once you have done the swim you will run along the marked path  and turn left and run up the hill on Nowlan St to the transition area on Prince Albert Rd.

Transition (TZ)

Transition is designed to be a one way system for everyone’s safety so you enter TZ at the Hawthorn Street end of the fence.  When you get to your bike put on shirt, shoes, etc, then helmet.  Your helmet has to be on and fastened before you take your bike off the rack.   Walk you bike to the mount line.  You can’t ride in the TZ. 

At the mount line is where you can get on your bike and take off along the bike course.  


Stay to the left hand side of the bike lane (next to the fence) and ride to the turnaround point near Sinclair Street.   The turnarounds on the bike are “No passing zones” for safety.  Once you get back to the lap marker signs that is one lap.  You need to do 4 laps of the bike course.  After your last lap get off your bike at or before the dismount line, run your bike along the sidewalk and return in to the bike rack via the TZ entrance.  Once you have racked your bike and removed your helmet you run out of TZ (same end you took your bike out of)



Head along Prince Albert Rd (on the road) to the turnaround near Sinclair and back to the lap marker.  Do this twice for 2 laps.  After your second lap head through the finish chute and you’ve just finished your first triathlon!


Registration fees

Triathlon Closed

Untimed Try-A-Tri

  1. CA$35.00
    Apr 20 - Jun 27

Event Schedule

  • July 3 7:00 AM EDT - Transition Opens

  • July 3 8:00 AM EDT - First Wave Starts

Contact Information

Event Location

Lake Banook, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

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