2017 Kusam Klimb

Are you tough enough?

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Name Leader Members
Body Basix adventure team Mark Urquhart Mark Urquhart, Jennifer Lowrey, Charmian McMillen, Andrea Keller, Steve Lowrey, Connie Wood, Beverly Brown, Lesley Brown, Mark Lillywhite, Janice Lillywhite
Broken Down Running Club Kate Fisher Shane Anderson, Karyn Anderson, Scott Toop, Ryan Malcolm, Blair Murphy, Kate Fisher, TJ Fisher, Robin Poirier
Captain John and the Fire Trucks John HANSON John HANSON, Mandy BILOUS, Matthew HANSON, Michelle Dunn, Rebecca Turley, Sara Rees, Glen Rees
Cats Meow Society Melissa Knowles Melissa Armstrong, Laura Field, Amanda Kiatipis, Margaret Waldstein, Melissa Knowles
Chafing the Dream Shayla Adams Christopher Cottell, Sara Cottell, Shayla Adams, Chris Engel, Douglas Totton
CRES Crowd Murray Stoudt Murray Stoudt, Debbie Corrigall, Zach Letkeman, Hunter Davidson, Dalyn Christian
Klimbing Kuties Gayle McCue Gayle McCue, Karen George Katen, Clayton George, Rozanne Joe, Beau Lewis
Misery Loves Company KC Emerson KC Emerson, Eric Derbez, James Emerson, Lynn Mager, Jen Dugas
Red Hot Chili Steppers Jill Stone Jill Stone, Angela Etherington, Leah Smith, Dana Luxmoore, Tara Benham
Robbins & Company Kelsey Smith Kelsey Smith, Jolene Verboom, Devin Forbes, Dawn O'Maley, Kelsey McKay, Ariel Bruhn, Meghan McQuillan

Event Location

Sayward, BC, Canada

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