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Carnival of Venice 13.1, half marathon relay and 5k
Carnival of Venice 13.1, relay and 5k

This year we close down Fiesta.  This event is alot of fun. It is on a golf course, at night.  You run on the paved paths, which we will do a good job of keeping them lit, but we want you to bring a flashlight, or head lamp.

The 13.1, will do 2 laps around the golf course and this fun, not boring becuase at night you can see some stuff but not everything, like crossing over the San Antonio River several times.

.This course has two idential loops, so the relay will have 2 6.547 loops, Do the math, that equals 13.1.  This is going to be blast.

Awards for 1st to 4th, in 5 year increments in the 13.1 and the 5k

Relay wil get 1st to 4th, men, women and mixed.

Registration fees

13.1 Closed

Half Marathon

  1. $75.00
    Nov 9 - Apr 28

13.1 relay Closed

Must sign up both team relay members in same transaction

  1. $110.00
    Nov 9 - Apr 28

5k Closed


  1. $40.00
    Nov 9 - Apr 28

13.1 Virtual Closed

Virtual Half Marathon

  1. $75.00
    Nov 9 - Apr 28

5k Virtual Closed

Virtual 5k

  1. $40.00
    Nov 9 - Apr 28

Age Deals

If you are 16 and younger we are giving you at 50% discount we want you to also take ownership of the race.  When you finish, if you are able, come to the finish line and help the other runners. Stay and help clean up. You are young and we need your energy to make everything perfect.

Then be an ambassador for running and our running events, help us promote the events and the volunteers where ever you go. And on social media, snapchat, facebook, instagram..etc…

70+ participants will also get 50% off. If you can afford it we request that you make a small donation to marrowmatch. If you can not that is fine. We also ask that you take ownership of these races and help with advice to younger runners to keep them calm and caring.

We want your leadership in our runner community.

Thank you.

Event Schedule

  • November 9 4:22 PM CST - open for registration

Contact Information

Event Location

Brackenridge Park Golf Course, Avenue B, San Antonio, TX, United States

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