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You asked for it - you got it! By popular demand, the Ohio Duathlon is back with a *new* venue,  format, and distances!  The Ohio Duathlon takes place on Sunday, May 7 at Concord Township Park in Delaware, Ohio.  

The event format consists of multiple duathlon formats to choose:

Short:  1 mile run+10 mile bike+1 mile run

Double: 1 mile run+10 mile bike+1 mile run+10 mile bike+1 mile run 

Long: 1 mile run+10 mile bike+ 1 mile run+10 mile bike+1 mile run+10 mile bike+1 mile run

IMPORTANT: We ask all participants to please bring new and unopened personal products (i.e, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc) or baby food & products (i.e, diapers) for donation to the Lutheran Social Services Delaware County Food Pantry. We will collect at the event and donate to LSS on behalf of the Ohio Duathlon participants. 

Registration fees

Short Duathon Closed

Registration closed
  • Single Format

    1. $35.00
      Dec 1 – Apr 1
    2. $50.00
      Apr 2 – May 6

Long Duathon Closed

Registration closed
  • Triple Format

    1. $45.00
      Dec 1 – Apr 1
    2. $60.00
      Apr 2 – May 6

Double Duathlon Closed

Registration closed
  • Double Format

    1. $40.00
      Dec 1 – Apr 1
    2. $55.00
      Apr 2 – May 6

Event Format

  1. Athletes will select either the short, double or long duathlon distance to compete.
  2. Run: Depending upon distance registration, Run #1 Start may be all distances together or have staggered Start by distance.  Determination will be made closer to the event.
  3. Bike: After completing Run #1, athlete will head out onto bike course and complete the 10 mile course.
  4. Run #2: After completing 10 mile bike course, return to Transition, and complete Run #2. (same course as Run #1).
  5. If Short duathlon: head to FINISH after completing Run #2.
  6. If Double & Long duathlon: head out onto bike course for another 10 mile loop. Return to Transition.
  7. Run #3: Complete run #3. Double head to FINISH after completing 1 mile run. Long duathlon return to Transition and to Bike course.
  8. Long Duathlon: Complete another 10 mile bike loop and return to Transition.
  9. Run #4: Complete another 1 mile run and head to FINISH.

Short Duathlon: 2 runs = 2 miles; 1 bike = 10 miles

Double Duathlon: 3 runs = 3 miles. 2 bikes = 20 miles

Triple Duathlon: 4 runs = 4 miles; 3 bikes = 30 miles


IMPT: After completing a 10 mile bike loop, athletes return to transition regardless of duathlon distance.

Refund and Transfer Policy

IMPORTANT - You will be required to acknowledge the policy guideliness during registration.


  1. There are no refunds if the event is cancelled, postponed, rescheduled, or latered, due to events outside our control (weather, water conditions, road construction, police directive, etc).
  2. There are no refunds for job transfers, relocation, job travel, or medical condition or injury.
  3. ANy refund request will be referred to this policy. 


  1. Race entries and/or Race Bibs can be transferred to another individual up to April 15. No transfers will be permitted after April 15.
  2. The individual transfering ("Transferer") must initiate the transfer. This is performed by you (you do not need to contact the race organizer) through the registration system. There is a button located on the main event registration page that initiates the process. Follow the procedures from there. You will need to indicate the individual's email address receiving the transfer.
  3. The individual receiving the race entry or bib ("Transferee") will receive a transfer email and must then within 3 days register themselves online.
  4. The transferee be required to pay the current event entry fee less credit for transferor’s entry fee paid.
  5. Additionally, all transfers are subject to an additional administrative fee of $10, plus any applicable online registration service fees.

Note: If it is your original intent to Gift someone a registration, please use the Gift Registration feature when you initially register.


  1. You are permitted to transfer up or down in distance (example: move from Olympic to Sprint distance) through April 15.
  2. If you wish to transfer to another distance you must initiate the transfer. Again, this is performed by (you do not need to contact the race organizer) through the registration system. There is transfer button located on main event page.
  3. Any distance transfers "up" to a longer distance will be required to pay the difference between the entry fee paid and the current entry fee for the longer distance selected.  There is no refund or credit for transfers "down" in distance.
  4. Any distance transfers are subject to an additional administrative fee of $5.00, plus any applicable online registration service fees.


  1. There are no injury deferrals for this event. You are able to Transfer your entry or transfer "down" in distance per the guidelines listed above. There are no refunds.

Event Divisions & Awards

Event divisions available to Ohio Duathlon participants:

Age divisions: Male & Female:

  • Under 19
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70+

 Other: Clydesdale (Over 225 lbs) and Athena (165 lbs or greater). NOTE: There are no relay teams 
Note: Reference age-up rules for all age division participants. Your age division and event start wave is based on your age as of December 31 of that year. For example, if you are 39 on the day of the race but will be 40 by December 31st, your age divsion is 40-49. Failure to participate and start in the correct wave will cause your time to be inaccurate and impact division results.


The top 3 overall by gender in each distance will receive a commemorative award. The top gender finisher in each division by distance will receive a commemorative award. Must be present. No awards will be mailed.

Event Rules

Participants must wear assigned bib tag number on the front of your shirt or shorts. Your number must be visible to checkpoint recorders at all times. The timing tag is attached to your bib so failure to wear your assigned bib will result in your event not being scored. 

Bike Helmets are mandatory. No exceptions. If Bike Helmet and bike numbers have been assigned, they must be secured to equipment. Once the transition closes you will be required to display assigned race number to enter and exit the transition or remove any equipment.

Non-participants are not permitted in the transition area for any reason.

Transition closes promptly at stated time. No entrance into transition will be permitted after stated time.

Once the event begins, vehicles will not be permitted to leave the park until the last participant has entered the bike course and exited the park.

Early Packet Pick-up

Save time and stress on event day by picking up your packets and materials in advance! Below is advance packet pick-up schedule:


Saturday, May 6  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM  (Note: Packet pick-up and Check-in begins at 7:00 AM on Sunday, May 7 at Concord Park).

Note: Please Bring Drivers license or proper I.D. If a USAT member please bring your USAT membership ID card.


Mount Carmel Fitness & Health Center
7241 Graphics Way
Lewis Center, OH 43035
(740) 953-4444
NOTE: If use Google Maps for directions, it will take you to vicinity but to the road section prior to the Health Center. The Health Center is located just North of Mennard's on SR 23.

Run Course

Bike Course

Mount Carmel Partnership


Directions to Venue

From the Cleveland to host venue - Take Route 71 South Columbus to SR 36/37. Turn RIGHT toward Delaware. Take 36/37 toward Delaware. Take SR 36/37 into Delware to SR 23 South. Take SR 23 South approximately 5 miles to Home Rd. TUrn RIGHT. Take Home Rd approximately 5 miles to Concord Park. Turn LEFT into Park.

From Toledo to host venue - Take SR 23 South to Home Rd - about 5 miles South of Delaware. Turn RIGHT on Home Rd. Take Home Rd approximately 5 miles to Concord Park. Turn Left into Park.

From Cincinnati to host venue - Take Route 71 North to I-270 West. Take I-270 West to SR 23 North. Take SR 23 North approximately 7 miles to Home Rd. Turn LEFT. Take Home Rd approximately 5 miles to Concord Park. Turn LEFT into park.

From Dayton to host venue - Take I-70E toward Columbus to I-270 North via Exit 93B to Cleveland. Take I-270N to SR 23 North. Take SR 23 North about 6 miles to Home Rd. Turn Left. Take Home Rd about 5 miles to Concord Parl. Turn LEFT into park.

ADDRESS: Concord Township Park is located at 6385 Home Rd, Delaware, OH 43015

Inclement Weather Policy

Weather forecasts will be monitored prior to the event paying special attention to the possibility of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, high winds and extreme temperatures. If necessary, athletes will be made aware of these predictions on the Greenswell website and on our Facebook so that participants can properly prepare for severe weather during the race as well as possible course alterations. Severe weather updates will also be sent to participants via email as necessary.

The Event Director and Safety Director will monitor the weather and make a decision if any action will be taken to modify the race. Possible changes include: altering the start time for the race or in extreme situations, cancellation of the event. Please listen closely to all public address announcements at the starting line of the race.

Visible lightning will cause the race to be postponed for a minimum of 30 minutes. Additional sightings will continue to delay the race in 15 minute increments.

If heat is predicted, extra water and hydration stations will be provided to the athletes, both prior to, during and after the event. The medical team will be alerted that athletes may require additional medical attention during and after the event due to the high temperatures. If it is felt that it is unsafe for participants to start the race due to severe heat that race may be suspended or cancelled.

Race personnel reserve the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to inclement weather. Participants must abandon the race if ordered to do so the race personnel, medical staff, fire or police officers.

Event Schedule

  • May 7 7:00 AM EDT - Transition Opens

  • May 7 7:00 AM EDT - Multisport Packet pick-up

  • May 7 7:45 AM EDT - Transition Closes

  • May 7 7:45 AM EDT - Event Formation Begins

  • May 7 8:00 AM EDT - Duathlon START

  • May 7 10:30 AM EDT - Award Ceremony (Approx)

  • May 7 11:00 AM EDT - Bike Course Closing

  • May 7 11:30 AM EDT - Run Course Closing

Contact Information

Event Location

Concord Township Trustees, Dublin Road, Delaware, OH, United States

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