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Brainsport Brainfreeze
A fundraiser for the U of S Cross Country Team

This is the annual fundraising event for the University of Saskatchewan Cross Country team.  The first event was held in 2009 and the race has offered 10 km and half marathon distance options.  New this year is the addition of a 5 km event.

Registration fees

5 KM Closed

Registration closed
    1. CA$35.00
      Dec 6 – Dec 13
    2. CA$45.00
      Dec 14 – Feb 1
    3. CA$50.00
      Feb 1 – Mar 4

10 KM Closed

Registration closed
    1. CA$40.00
      Dec 6 – Dec 13
    2. CA$50.00
      Dec 14 – Feb 1
    3. CA$55.00
      Feb 1 – Mar 4

Half Marathon Closed

Registration closed
    1. CA$45.00
      Dec 6 – Dec 13
    2. CA$55.00
      Dec 14 – Feb 1
    3. CA$60.00
      Feb 1 – Mar 4

Course Routes & Maps

Start / Finish

All courses will begin in front of Brainsport (616 10th St. E), turn north (right) on Broadway, continue over the bridge and onto 4th Ave. S for one block.  Runners will turn right on 20th St. E for one block, entering the Vimy Ridge park and onto the Meewasin trail.  At the trail, runners will go Northeast (left), behind the Bessborough on the trail.



5 km Turn Around Detail:5 KM Runners will turn around at 2.5km (close to the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan grounds) and follow the same course back.


10 KM Runners will turn around at 5 km (close to the 42nd Street Bridge) and follow the same course back.


Half Marathon Runners will turn around at 10.55 km (past the Water Treatment Plant, close to Aidelman Drive)


This is the full course map:


Race T-Shirts

We have T-Shirts for the first 300 registrations.  Register early to guarantee a shirt!

T-Shirt size selection may be limited as we reach 300.

We will have a T-Shirt exchange table on the morning of the race if your ordered t-shirt does not fit as hoped, or if you had to select a size that was not your first choice.

T-Shirts from previous years will also be available at Race Package Pick-up.

Later participants will also receive a souvenir item.

There is a cap of 400 participants, so do not delay!

Finisher Medals

We will have finisher medals available for all participants

Race Etiquette

Here are a few tips to help make the event better for all participants:

Wear your bib (number) on the front of your body (torso is best), on an outside layer, so that you can find your race pictures more easily, and so we can more easily get your race results posted.

Be courteous on the Meewasin Valley Trails; other people will also be using them. 

If you wear headphones, consider only using one earbud so that you can hear instructions and runners who might be coming up behind you.

If you are running in a group, please use "columns" where you form a line and are only 2 side-by-side.  We will have runners turning around at three points in the race (2.5 km, 5 km and 10.5 km), who will be retracing their route.  The trail is relatively narrow for two-way traffic.

Course Amenities

We will have first aid stations & food either at, or shortly before each turn-around point: at 2.5 km, 5 km and 10.5 km

We will have water, gatorade, oranges & bananas, and at the 10km point some gels as well.

There will be a port-a-potty shortly before the 5 km turn-around (close to the Archibald Arena)

We will ask the City to clear the path a day or two before the race, but keep in mind that this is a winter race, and everyone must be prepared for running in winter conditions (which can include snow, ice, and puddles, along with dry and clear pathways)

Event Schedule

  • March 4 12:00 PM CST - Package Pickup

  • March 5 10:00 AM CST - Race Start

Contact Information

Event Location

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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