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& 2-Mile Kids Fun Run

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Name Leader Members Raised
The O Team John Orwig John Orwig, Alli Orwig, Dan Orwig, Peter Orwig $25.00
Beached Whales Erica Bechdel Erica Bechdel, Jack Bechdel, Beth Bechdel, Adam Bechdel, Erika Bechdel, Virginia Frye, Gail Frye $0.00
Corliss Crusuaders Russ Silvestri Russ Silvestri, Catherine Silvestri, Diana Silvestri, Allie Silvestri, Elizabeth Corliss Silvestri $0.00
McPitzer's Michael McGough Michael McGough, Christine McGough, Gregory McGough, Melissa Pitzer, Carrie McGough, Brian Pitzer $0.00
Papa Bear's Cubs Lisa Bowers $0.00
PitGough's Brady Pitzer Brady Pitzer, Gabe McGough, Caity McGough, Olivia Pitzer $0.00
Team BOB Stephanie Leigh Stephanie Leigh, Sydney Leigh, Janelle Leigh, Katrina Leigh $0.00
Team Terri Grace Cline Grace Cline, Andrew Cline, Anne Marie Cline, Terri Taylor, Andy Cline, Robyn Cline $0.00

Event Location

Stone Harbor, NJ, United States

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