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Join us in training for the Sask Marathon in May. Brainsport will be hosting training courses as follows:

Marathon Run Course, Coach Pat Somerville, Tuesday nights, 6pm, starting January 24/17 for 18 weeks.

Performance Marathon Run Course, Coach Jason Warick, Thursday nights, 7:30pm, starting January 26/17 for 18 weeks.

1/2 Marathon Run Course, Coach Jen Kripki, Monday nights, 6pm, starting February 13/17 for 15 weeks.

10k Run Course, Coach Tarrant Cross Child, Monday nights , 6pm, starting February 20/17 for 14 weeks.

Learn To Run Course, Coach Cara Mazurak, Wednesday nights, 6pm, starting April 5/17 for 8 weeks.


Registration fees

Performance Marathon Course Closed

Sask Marathon Training

Marathon Course Closed

Sask Marathon Training

1/2 Marathon Course Closed

Sask Marathon Training

10 K Course Closed

Sask Marathon Training

Learn To Run Course Closed

5 k Training, Sask Marathon

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Performance Marathon Course

Coached By Jason Warick, this will be an intense training course for the experienced and serious runner wanting to reach a competative edge.

Jason is a very high qualified coach.  He coaches Brian Michasiw, owner of Brainsport and six-time winner of Sask Marathon.  Jason knows what it takes to be an extremely competitive runner and will create your training program to help you reach that point.

This is a very high quality training course and in order to get the full benifit of the training Jason will be offering an additional training weekend (location to be determined) for this group. In order to really step up your running game it will be well worth the effort and cost to get involved in this weekend training camp.  Jason will have more information towards Spring.

Standard Marathon Course

Coached by Pat Sommerville, this will be a great interactive training course.  Training with like-minded athletes, Pat will set a training program to bring you to your Marathon goal.  Pat is a very experienced coach and competitive runner.  Pat has coached a number of Run Courses through the Run Academy and is known for his coaching technique and ability to help you reach your mark.  This will be a Tuesday night training program with eight, 20 minute lectures througout the 18 week course.  Presentations will be on Injury Prevention, Core Stability, Running Technique, Nutrition, Yoga for Runners and more to better prepare you for healthy running.

Training will run  Tuesday nights, 6pm at Brainsport January 24/17 to May 23/17

1/2 Marathon Course (COURSE FULL)

Coached by Jen Kripki, this will be a fun interactive training time with like-minded athletes wanting to do their first 1/2 Marathon or raise their running to a higher level.  Jen Kripki is a very experienced runner, personal trainer and coach.  Jen's desire is to see each participant reach their personal goal and she will help you do this through her in-depth knowledge of running and coaching.

Training will run  Monday nights, 6pm at Brainsport February 13/17 to May 22/17

This Course is Full And No Longer Taking New Registerations.

10 k Course

Coached by Tarrant Cross Child, this will be a very fun and interactive training time as Tarrant brings both his vast knowledge of running and his personal desire to see people excel in their running life.  This course will be designed to take you to a new level of running. Geared for both beginner 10 k runners and established runners  Tarrant will have a training program for everyone.

Training will run  Monday nights, 6pm at Brainsport February 20/17 to May 22/17



Learn To Run Course

Coached by Cara Mazurak.  The Learn To Run Course is designed to accommodate someone from a non-running background or someone coming back to running after an extended time away.  This is an 8 week course that is intended to finish with you running a 5 km race and reaching an accomplishment that you will be proud of.  It will give you a great foundation for future running goals.  


Training will run  Wednesday nights, 6pm at Brainsport April 5/17 to May 24/17

Event Schedule

  • December 21 1:00 AM EST - Jason Warick Performance Marathon Course

  • December 21 1:00 AM EST - Pat Somerville Marathon Course

  • December 21 1:00 AM EST - Jen Kripki 1/2 Marathon Course

  • December 21 1:00 AM EST - Tarrant Cross Child 10 k Course

  • December 21 1:00 AM EST - Learn To Run Course

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Event Location

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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