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Raise money for DC Ahtletics

Adopt A Husky, Inc. was founded in 1998 by a small group of volunteers, including Lois Leonard, who were dedicated to finding loving homes for homeless Siberian Huskies.  AAHI is now led by a seven-member Board of Directors who strive to ensure that Lois' work continues.  
The mission of AAHI is to provide a second chance for 

stray, abandoned, abused, or otherwise homeless p

urebred Siberian Huskies by finding suitable, permanent, loving adoptive homes.

AAHI is comprised entirely of volunteers and does not have a shelter facility.  Instead, all of the dogs are cared for in foster homes until their forever home is found.  AAHI is headquartered near the Illinois/Wisconsin border and operates in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  AAHI takes in dogs from shelters in the Midwest and always has a waiting list of dogs who are in shelters awaiting rescue, as space is limited by the number of foster homes.
AAHI is an all volunteer, 501(C)(3), non-profit organization.

No representative of Adopt a Husky, Inc. is financially compensated for their contributions.