I'm not picky, put me anywhere!

If you are flexible, like to volunteer and are open to any task, please arrive early 5:30 AM and we will fill you in on what to do!

General Set-up (EARLY!)

Assignment arrival time: 4:45 AM - this is not for the faint of heart, must arrive EARLY! Set up tables, cover with table cloths. Unload vehicles and put supplies near correpsonding tables. Help as needed.

Chick-fil-a Pick Up

Start time 6:00 AM. Pick up Chick-fil-a biscuits for volunteers by 6:30 AM at the Northridge Drive-through location on Roswell road and bring to St. Andrews to the RRFH volunteer crew and vendors

On-course Water Stop

Assignment arrival time: 6:00 AM. Set up station with water cups and fill. Stay at the station and monitor. Replenish as needed and clean up around area when not busy replenishing.

Course Monitor

Assignment arrival time: 6:00 AM. Stay on the course as runners run the race. Cheer and encourage runners and direct them where to go.


Assignment arrival time: 5:30 AM. Help direct cars arriving to the race to available areas to park. You will be given a bright orange vest so that you remain visible to drivers.

Ghana Booth

Assignment arrival time: 6:00 AM. Be a native of or have extensive knowledege of Ghana and/or GFP Missions in Ghana. Help set up booth and talk to interested runners and bystanders about Ghana and the Mission!

Hand out Awards

Assignment arrival time: 6:45 AM. Be at awards table when ceremony begins. Follow Emcee's prompts for handing out the age-group based awards. Thank the runner for coming and congratulate them with a firm handshake and a smile. 

Maintain Refills on Finish Line water table

Assignment arrival time: 7:00 AM. Stay at Water/Gatorade table and monitor. Replenish supplies as needed.

One-mile Coordinator

Assignment arrival time: 7:00 AM. Be at the 1/2 mile mark no later than 7:20, you need to arrive at assignment arrival time in order to have the time to walk yourself out to the 1/2 mile mark. Direct children around the turn-around point and come back when last person has passed. Teammate stay at finish line to cheer. 

Finish Line Cheering

Assignment arrival time: 6:30 AM. Be at finish line for 1 mile run. Cheer children and adults and hand out noisemakers to children as they cross the finish line.

Food Table

Assignment arrival time: 6:00 AM. Set food out on table in an appealing way. Instruct runners that food is "Post-Race". Watch over food table and replenish with back-ups when supply starts to run low.

Pre-registered Registration Table

Assignment arrival time: 5:30 AM. Help hand out packets and shirts to pre-registered runners

Race Day Registration

Assignment arrival time: 5:30 AM. Help same-day registratants enter race, assign number and hand out shirt.

Bike Rider

Assignment arrival time: 6:45 AM. Bring your own bike and helmet. Follow the last runner riding along Riverside Road. Alert Race Director when last runner is coming in.


Assignment arrival time: (If not working another assignment, any time after 8:00 AM). At conclusion of event clear area of debris, breakdown tables and tents and help load items in vehicles.

Fundraising only

I can not volunteer on race morning, but I would like to collect pledges online for the race.

Event Location

675 Riverside Rd, Roswell, GA 30075, United States, St. Andrew Catholic Church

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