2017 SLO Ultra Dirt Festival @ Wild Cherry Canyon

Trail Running & Mountain Biking Races - In Partnership with The Land Conservancy of SLO

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Name Leader Members
#nomoresquish Join team Alex Todd Alex Todd, Sara Todd
#TeamKasow Join team Lindsay Kasow Lindsay Kasow
1/2 Crazy Join team Bianca Quintana Lindsey Bills, Bianca Quintana, Erica Gaitan, Kristina Valencia, Sierra Hayden, Genna Lund, Elisa Alvarez, Mindy Bonilla
AR Team Beer is Better than GU Join team Steve Laputz Steve Laputz
Avila Walkers Join team Beverly Henry Beverly Henry, Carol Courcy, Paul Courcy
Bar Bound in 13.2 Join team Brent Wallingford Brent Wallingford, Danny Sheridan
Big Trees Cycling Join team Brandon Brokaw Brandon Brokaw
Brummett Brain Trust Join team Dwayne Brummett Dwayne Brummett
Busted Sprockets Join team Stephanie Maze Stephanie Maze, Scott Maze
CenCoastMoms Join team Caroline Hileman Schaffer Caroline Hileman Schaffer

Event Location

Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo County, CA, United States

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