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Local Race Series REWARD Event
A fun and challenging REWARD event for participating in the Sarnia area 10k Road Race Series.

Sarnia Area 10k Road Race Series REWARD Event!

This is a cool new event to reward local 10k runners for their hard work and support. It will involve OBSTACLES and RUNNING and FUN. It is brought to you by the organizers of Sarnia-Lambton’s finest 10k races. Runners who take part in at least four of the local race series events will be invited to the REWARD event in April 2018.

The Sarnia Area 10k Road Race Series Network is a hard working group of race coordinators. We got together to support each others’ races, and to reward those who participate in our events. Our goal is fun and reward for participants while maintaining revenues for our various non-profit organizations.

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Race Roster

Race Roster

RWSB 2017 high

May 22 (it was a great day!)

June 4 (another great year!)

June 18 (always a hit!)

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Registration Fees

REWARD Opening soon

This event is free to invited runners

Who Gets to Play?

At the end of the 2017 race season, organizers of the six local races included in this series will get together and review event attendance.  We will send an email invitation to those who have participated in at least four of the series races.  We may send conditional invitations to those who complete two or three races.

It is a work in progress, but we do know is that the REWARD event is going to be a blast!  Our plan is to have six stations, each one at a Bright's Grove area location, and each hosted by one of the participating races.  You'll run from park to park and complete a challenges.

Please note:  we have not yet selected the date of our awesome REWARD event; only that it will be in April.

Event Schedule

  • April 1 8:00 AM EDT - Final Event

Contact Information

Event Location

Sarnia, ON, Canada

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