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EPIC Kids Triathlon 2018 - 6th year
A mini-triathlon just for Kids!

It’s with sadness that we have to announce that due to reasons beyond our control, the 2018 annual EPIC Kids triathlon and Try-a-Tri, have to be cancelled.    All registrants will receive a full refund within 2 weeks.

Please join us the following weekend for the running events of the EPIC Canadian and the family concerts at Grahams Grove over the Canada Day Long Weekend.

Triathlon Nova Scotia have several other triathlons for children

Registration fees

EPIC Kids Mini-Triathlon Closed

  1. $27.00
    Dec 1 - Jun 22

Description and Rules


Age     Swim Bike Run
5/6/7  50m     1.3km    500m   
8/9 100m 2.5km 1km
10/11 200m 4.8km 2.2km
12/13 200m 4.8km 2.2km
14/15 200m 4.8km 2.2km

Welcome to EPIC kids, a mini triathlon put on just for you on the same course as the famous EPIC Dartmouth.

The race will go youngest to oldest (subject to change).  Exact details on times will be available closer to race day.


Parents, please read this with your children.

In your race kit you will notice a braceletand three stickers all with matching numbers.  One sticker is for your bike, one is for your helmet (the other is spare) and the bracelet is for you to wear during the race.  You must be wearing your bracelet and have the stickers on your bike and helmet in order to get access to transition (the area where you park your bike on race day) and you’ll need to show us the number on your bracelet when you go to pick up your bike and helmet to help us make sure everyone goes home with their own equipment.  The number also helps us identify lost items.

Before you come to the race ask your parents to use a sharpie to write your number on your arms and legs. Don’t put sun screen on until after you get numbered or the number will rub off.  

There are a few simple rules to keep you safe while you are doing a triathlon.

  • All belongings that you need for the race must be kept in the transition zone next to your bike, don’t put them on the beach or they will get in the way of other participants.  Don’t leave bags or other things in transition, only the stuff you need for the race can be there.
  • You can wear a lifejacket if you choose but it must be a CSA certified lifejacket, no inflatable devices.
  • If your get tired during the swim and you need to hold on to take a break, a lifeguard with a paddle board will come to you or you could hold on to one of our support kayaks.  If the swim is too much and you can’t finish it, you are still allowed to continue and do the rest of the race.
  • Your torso must be covered on the bike and run.  This means if you swam in a one piece swim suit you may continue on the bike and run in that if you want; if you swam in something that showed your chest or tummy you will need to put a t-shirt for the bike and run.
  • Your helmet must be on and buckled before you take your bike off the bike rack.
  • You cannot use an ipod (or similar) to pay music in your ears while you are on the bike or run.  It’s not safe because you won’t be able to hear people around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I change my clothes to ride and run?

Most triathletes don’t change during the race.  Sometimes as mentioned in the rules you have to put a shirt, but this shirt and your shoes can be put on when you are next to your bike.  If you want to dry your feet on a towel, put it next to your bike too.

Can parents do the triathlon with their children?

No.  This is a kids only event.  We will have volunteers in transition helping with the bike racks and checking that helmets are on.  Parents are not allowed in transition unless your child is para-athlete and you are one of the handlers (as allowed in the rules) and this must be pre-arranged with the race committee.

Parents are allowed in the marshalling area and on the beach, and you can cheer along the side of the bike and run course but can’t run along with their children as it will create congestion on the course.  Your kids are awesome and they want to show you they can do this by themselves

The course 


Weak swimmers are strongly encouraged to wear life-jackets.  There will be plenty on hand on race day.  Please consider guidelines per age listed below.   Lots of children wear life-jackets at EPIC kids so no one should feel embarrassed about that.  We even let our adults in the Try-a-Tri wear them if they want.  Alternatively consider choosing a younger age group.

You will swim in a counter-clockwise direction. 

5/6/7 year olds will enter the water on the right side of the beach and swim around two bouys and exit on the left of the beach swimming one lap.  If child has not passed Red Cross Swim Kids 4 they should wear a life-jacket.

 and 8/9, 10/11 year olds will swim one lap but there will be more distance between the bouys. If child has not passed Red Cross Swim Kids 6 they should wear a life-jacket.

12/13 and 14-15  year olds swill swim two laps running around a buoy on the beach after the first lap.  If child has not passed Swim Kids 7 they should wear a life-jacket.

Once you have done the swim you will run along the marked path  and turn right and run down the hill on Nowlan St to the transition area in the car park at the bottom of the hill.


Transition is designed to be a one way system for everyone’s safety.  When you run into transition you will follow the cone path around to enter the bike racks areas from the top.

When you have found your bike, you can put your shirt and shoes on, then your helmet.  Once your helmet is fastened you can take your bike off the bike rack and exit the bike racks at the bottom.  Turn right and walk or run it to the mount line. Don’t ride your bike in transition!   

The mount line is where you can get on your bike and take off along the bike course.   


Stay to the left hand side of the bike lane (next to the fence).  There’s a little hill to climb on Nowlan Street but you’re an Epic Kid and you can do it.  At the top of the hill turn left onto Prince Albert Road and ride to the far end of the road there is a turnaround point where you will turn so you are coming back down the other side.   The turnarounds on the bike are “No passing zones” for safety.  Once you get back to the beginning that is one lap.  If you are in the 5/6/7 age group then you are done the bike after that lap and  can turn right and go SLOWLY down the hill, get off your bike at the dismount line and put your bike back on the bike rack. 

If you are in the 8/9 group you do two laps of the bike and if you are in 10/11, 12/13, 14/15 you do 4 laps of the bike course.  All the laps are done on Prince Albert Rd so you only do the hill one time up and one time down.  When you have done your laps you turn right and go SLOWLY down Nowlan Street  before dismounting at (or just before) the line and put you bike back at your bike rack.


On the run course you will be running up Nowlan Street within the fenced off area and turn left at the top onto Prince Albert Rd.  The whole runs course is on the road, but don’t worry the road is closed so there will be no cars.

5/6/7 year olds do one lap turning at the sign marked with their age (about half way along the course)

There is another turnaround at the end of the course for all other age groups and you would do laps as follows.  8/9 - 1 lap; 10/11, 12/13, 14-15 all do 2 laps

There will be two water stops on the run course.  Remember, being a triathlete is thirsty work so drink some water at each of the water stations to stay hydrated.


You will get a medal when you are finished and there will be food and refreshments available after your race.


This is the most important rule of all, we really want you to have fun at this event, after all we put it on just for you!  No one will get disqualified for not finishing, or for walking, if you are tired.  Just do your best and keep on going.  We will all be there to cheer you on.  When you go back to school in September and people say “what did you do this summer?”, you can say 



RED line indicates road closure starting at 5am.
ORANGE dot indicates entrance to TZ.
BLUE shaded areas are suggested parking.







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