2018 marks the 25th Annual Ceevacs Roadrunners Run & Walk Clinics!  Train for the TC10k or for fitness and fun. The program starts on Jan 29 and runs every Monday night at 6 pm for 13 weeks.


Stop making excuses.  Exercise is good for you!  This program will turn your walking into a workout. Walkers of all levels can participate. 


New to exercise, never tried jogging? This program is designed with the beginner in mind with a very gradual progression of very short run  and longer walk breaks.


This  program is designed to accomodate people newer to running  and those wanting to run in a 5k race.  We place you in appropiate groups and progress gradually using the walk run program.


This program is designed to prepare you to run 10K.  We recommend the completion of the 5k clinic or an ability to run/walk for 20 minutes. This program will be customized  for a variety of goals including “just to finish” all the way up to running  the TC 10K.  


A 10K fitness base is required for this clinic.  The half marathon  group trains with a 10k group of their ability on Monday evenings.  For the remainder of the week, participants follow an individually customized training program.

Registration Fees

FitWalk 30 spots remaining

Learn To Run

5km 30 spots remaining

10km 28 spots remaining

Half Marathon 30 spots remaining


Nearly $90,000 has been donated back to our Sportsplex from our run/walk clinics.  All Ceevacs coaches are volunteers and all of our profits are donated.  Help us by keeping your money in our community...

Registration and Cancellation Policy

As this is a charitable event we cannot give refunds.  We can transfer you to another clinic or transfer your entry to another person if you are unable to attend.  Thanks for your understanding. 

Event Schedule

  • January 29 6:00 PM PST - Meet and Greet & registration at Island Savings Center

  • February 5 6:00 PM PST - First Clinic at Cowichan Sportsplex-come ready to work out!

Contact Information

Event Location

Cowichan Sportsplex, Chesterfield Avenue, Duncan, BC, Canada

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