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Zombie Escape 5K and Fun Run
San Diego's Only Zombie Infested 5K


Thank you for your interest in the Inaugural Zombie Escape 5K and Fun Run. We are searching for those willing and able to become "infected" and be a part of the zombie apocalypse. 

Zombies are categorized into 3 types of zombies during this event

1. Runners (Zombies Needed- 0)

2. Walkers (Zombies Needed- 0)

3. Stationary (Zombies Needed- 40)

Please note that our next volunteer informational email will come out on Thursday Feb 8th

Runner zombies will be released onto the course about 5 min after the last escapees have left for the "Safe Zone". It will be your responsibility to catch those runners and capture their flags. (More details released, in our volunteer email) 

Walker zombies will be released onto the course about a mile from the start line, and will be responsible for intersecting and capturing their flags as the escapees run toward you. Once back at the start, these zombies will be the last line of defense as runners reach the safe zone (finish line). More details released, in our volunteer email

Stationary Zombies will be positioned in small groups around the evacuation zone (the park), and are responsible for their area only as runners pass through their dedicated area. Some of these volunteers may be on the ground, tied to trees or roaming

ZOMBIE PAINT... IF possible,  zombie volunteers are asked to apply their own makeup base (eye shadow, eye liner, any foundation) but NOT required, and then upon arrival to Rancho Bernardo Park will be finished by our professional makeup artists

ZOMBIE CLOTHES... Zombie volunteers will be REQUIRED to supply their own clothes. we suggest old clothing that can be torn, or get dirty. 

ZOMBIE RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibilty to "capture the flag" as runners go by you on the course. Zombie are not to chase after runners once runners are located in the park, and are asked to stay in their dedicated zone.

ZOMBIE ZONES: 1 of 10 Zones are set up around the park.

Event Location

Rancho Bernardo-Glassman Recreation Center, West Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA, United States

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