This is the last step in the Polar Vortex Challenge.  Can you go the distance?  Put away your bikes and snowshoes, lace up your skates, or sharpen those blades on your sledge.  Time to rack up the last of those kilometres to PyeongChang.

Did you start your Challenge events with the Polar Vortex Skate 5K or 10K on January 21st?

Did you come back on February 4th for the Skate-Snowshoe-Run Polar Vortex Triathlon?

Then it's time for the finale, the Polar Vortex Skate 25K and/or the Polar Vortex Sledge 3K on February 11th.

If you've completed an event on the previous weekends, this will be the day to cop that special Polar Vortex Challenge swag.  If this is your first event, you'll still have an exciting challenge, and a Polar Vortex tuque.

Participants can use any types of skates, or a hockey sledge for the Polar Vortex Skate 25K.  There will be separate classes for different skate types.  Sledges only for the sledge race, though.

Did we mention that there are prizes for the winners?

Registration Fees - 55 spots remaining

Polar Vortex Skate 25K 55 spots remaining

Polar Vortex Sledge 3K


Skaters in speed skates must wear Kevlar or Dyneema ankle protection, and the rear tip of the blades must be rounded to a minimum radius of 1 cm.

Sledge racers must wear full protective equipment (equipment for loan available at oval)


Special rules for marathon events:

Overtaking Skaters

a) Skaters must keep left all the time (keep his/her lane on the left side of the track) and passing will be on the right.

b) Skaters who are behind the leader in a pack must move ahead and take the lead, if the lead skater pulls outside and relinquishes the lead.

c) Drafting is allowed in Marathon Skating, even when skaters are being lapped.  The yelling of ‘Track’ is discouraged for safety reasons.

Event Schedule

  • February 11 7:00 AM AST - Warm up ice time

  • February 11 7:30 AM AST - Check-in and issue of timing chips for Polar Vortex Skate 25K

  • February 11 8:00 AM AST - 25K start

  • February 11 9:30 AM AST - Check-in and issue of timing chips for Polar Vortex Sledge 3K

  • February 11 10:00 AM AST - 3K Sledge start

Contact Information

Event Location

Emera Oval, Cogswell Street, Halifax, NS, Canada

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