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2018 Southern Footprints


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Name Location Sub-event
Abbey Kingdon Leamington, CA 5K Run
Abram Hiebert Kingsville, CA 10K Run
Adam Williams Leamington, CA 5K Run
Adriana Arango Kingsville, CA 10K Run
Aiden Weisener Windsor, CA 5K Run
Alec Fox Leamington, CA 10K Run
Alex Shen Windsor, CA 5K Run
Alexander Khayat leamington, CA 5K Walk
Alexandra Rojas Kingsville, CA 10K Run
Alexandre Ethier Kingsville, CA Kids' Dash
Alexis Dallaire Gatineau, CA 5K Run
Alice Insley Essex, CA Kids' Dash
Alyssa Weisener Windsor, CA 5K Walk
Amanda Tiessen Kingsville, CA 10K Run
Amanda Allen Windsor, CA 5K Run
Amber Daniels Windsor, CA 5K Run
Amberly Vinall Chatham-Kent, CA 10K Run
Amelia Stickles Leamington, CA 5K Walk
Amy Folliott Kingsville, CA 10K Run
Ana Atkinson Harrow, CA 5K Run
André Ethier Kingsville, CA Kids' Dash
Andrea Dupuis Amherstburg, CA 5K Run
Andrea Ricci Kingsville, CA 5K Run
Andrea Brenes kingsville, CA 10K Run
Andreas Unger Leamington, CA 5K Run

Event Location

Point Pelee National Park, Point Pelee Drive, Leamington, ON, Canada

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