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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Brenham Green Join team Anna Green Anna Green, Bryan Green, Brady Green, Bryanna Green, Bryson Green, Jane Stachow, Bob Stachow $579.36
Carrying Caroline Join team Kelli Kelsey Kelli Kelsey, Blake Kelsey, Troy Kelsey, Dana Clement, Katie Gee, Jessica Reilly, Erica Dilley, Chris Dilley, Alexandra Dilley, Amelia Dilley $162.66
Team Connor Cash Join team Jenna Cash Jenna Cash, Dustin Cash, Pam O’Brien, Dean O'Brien, Evan OBrien $158.00
GEM Join team Cynthia Meaux Cynthia Meaux, Aaron Meaux $131.67
Team Botello Join team Kara Botello Kara Botello, Javier Botello, Julian Botello $131.67
Team Cosette Join team Rebecca Montgomery Rebecca Montgomery, Amelia Voltz $131.67
Team Evie Join team Barbara Zepeda Barbara Zepeda, Victor Zepeda Jr., Caleb Zepeda $52.67
To Honor Hailey Join team Jenny Lacey Jenny Lacey, Felecia Lacey $26.33
Our Little M.A.N. Join team Patty Naghwai Patty Naghwai, Karim Naghwai, Ariana Naghwai, Parker Naghwai, Kash Naghwai $0.00
Teagan's Team Join team Kira Cary Kira Cary, Austin Cary, Jeffrey Roth, Saundra Roth, David Cary, Valerie Cary, Symphony Olwell, Hellena Staats $0.00

Event Location

2801 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074

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