An informal bike takes place after the swimming and running. The only transition is between swim and run. A speaker seminar starts at noon!! 

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Speaker Seminar

Be sure to check the website as we confirm our speakers for the seminar that starts at 12pm.





Kid Swim 11 to 12

250 meter swim

Kid Swim 13 to 14

400 meter swim

Kid Swim 15 to 16

500 meter swim

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Event Schedule

  • April 21 9:00 AM EDT - 9am 200 to 500 meter swim, KID SWIM

  • April 21 9:00 AM EDT - 9am 750 meter swim, 5K run SWIM RUN

  • April 21 12:00 PM EDT - Join us at the Speaker Seminar

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Event Location

Sussex, NB, Canada

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