In the heart of an urban centre is a river valley that contains 100 miles of gnarly, hilly trails to challenge the toughest of runners. With single-track technical sections, cliff-hugging climbs, and views that make you forget you're in civilization, the course has something for everyone.

You get what you train for. Have you got what it takes?

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Ultra 100-MILER

Two loops of a 50-mile course hugging the river valley along a mix of gnarly single-track trails and groomed wider sections. This is a tough course with some heart-stopping parts like Golfball Alley, the Ridge, and Two Truck Trail. The course will reward you with epic views and amazing support, but will take everything you've got.

Ultra 100-KM

Where else can you do one full loop of trails for 100 kilometres in the heart of a city while feeling like you're in the middle of nature? See it all with one loop of the 50-mile course hugging the river valley and one loop of the 25-km course winding up and down both sides of Whitemud Nature Reserve. If you're lucky, you might even see one of our moose friends.

Ultra 50-MILER

One loop with 50 miles of trails along the river valley and everything it can throw at you. This distance is a good way to test your mettle, expect to suffer, while still enjoying an incredible course with stunning views.

Ultra 50-KM

Two loops of the 25-km course that showcases natural, unmaintained trails in the Whitemud Nature Reserve. With some short but quick groomed sections, expect the rest of the route to have lots of gnarly single-track trails overlooking both sides of the Whitemud Creek. Save some energy for jumping fallen trees and other natural obstacles. This is a well supported distance for those wanting to do their first ultra, with options to just wave at cheering volunteers for experienced racers wanting to do a fast time. On this course, fast is a relative term.

Half Ultra 25-KM

Enjoy a tough but stunning 25-km loop that starts at one end of the Whitemud Nature Reserve and traverses up and down along the Whitemud Creek to a natural bird sanctuary, heading back through Fireball Ridge to chase the creek on the other side all the way back to the start. This is one of the toughest "half marathons" around, rewarding you with unbelievable views and the best on-course cheering and support.


The Summer Relay is back! The 12.5-km loop done four times is quickly going to be a race favourite. The course enjoys the nicest views with a great mix of trails that will suit every runner, from those new to trails all the way to elites who will love trying to beat each other's FKTs. Two to four members per team.

Half Ultra RELAY

Not ready for 25 kilometres but still want to enjoy the best views on a course that has a mix of everything ? Find a friend or family member and sign up to run a 12.5-km twice. All the fun and just enough challenges to make that finisher medal feel heavy around your neck.

Trail Teaser

New to trails? Experienced and wanting to have some fun on trails in the heart of the city? This course will have something for everyone: a bit of paved, some groomed, finishing off with a little gnarly and tough to make you glad the end is in sight.

Event Schedule

  • June 15 10:00 AM MDT - Ultra 100-MILER Start Time

  • June 16 12:00 AM MDT - Ultra 100-KM Start Time

  • June 16 5:00 AM MDT - Ultra 50-MILER Start Time

  • June 16 8:00 AM MDT - Ultra 50-KM Start Time

  • June 16 8:00 AM MDT - Ultra RELAY Start Time

  • June 16 12:00 PM MDT - Half Ultra 25-KM Start Time

  • June 16 12:00 PM MDT - Half Ultra RELAY Start Time

  • June 16 2:00 PM MDT - Trail Teaser Start Time

  • June 16 6:00 PM MDT - All Distances FINISH TIME

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Event Location

Edmonton, AB, Canada

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