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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Olejniczak Cedarburg, US 5K
Aaron Kluck Cedarburg, US Walk
Abbey Stroik Hartford, US 5K
Abbey Stroik Hartford, US 5K
Abby Prom Cedarburg, US Walk
Abby Jonasson Grafton, US 5K
Abby Riffel Grafton, US Walk
Abby Gehring Slinger, US 5K
Abby Knopf Waukesha, US 5K
Adam Pearson Elm Grove, US Walk
Adam Putzer Port Washington, US 5K
Adam Bretsch CEDARBURG, US 5K
Adam Hunt West Bend, US 5K
Addison Thom Grafton, US 5K
Aidan Blizzard Grafton, US 5K
Al Jackson Cedarburg, US Walk
Alan Barry Manitowish Waters, US 5K
Alan Schmidt Grafton, US Walk
Alanna Mahaffy Jackson, US Walk
Alanna Mullen Cedarburg, US 5K
Alec Baye Cedarburg, US 5K
Alejandro Morales Tobias Grafton, US 5K
Alex Zubarik Jackson, US 5K
Alex Rosenau Milwaukee, US 5K

Event Location

1425 Covered Bridge Road, Cedarburg, WI 53012

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