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Name Leader Members Raised
Certified Running Nuts Doug Purcell Doug Purcell, Linda Schwartz-Chi, Carla Yngve, Mardiny Ung, JAY EPSTEIN, Terry Gricher, Sharyn Slick, Richard Cross, Wendy Hager, Helen Capparell, Jules Woodall, Cindy Redefer $0.00
Colorado Girls Elizabeth Salkind Elizabeth Salkind, Katarina Seibert $0.00
DAB ON EM Greg Goodson Greg Goodson, Michele Goodson, Rich Haas $0.00
Keefgna Daniel Keefer Daniel Keefer, Tara Keefer, Maximus Keefer, Roman Keefer, Vincent Keefer $0.00
WE ARE GETTING THERE James Emmons James Emmons, Guy Marcozzi $0.00

Event Location

North Beach Restaurant 125 McKinley Street, Dewey Beach, DE 19971, United States

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