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Joseph's Coat of Central Ohio

Raise money for Joseph's Coat of Central Ohio

During each person’s life, difficult seasons are encountered. How we handle the difficult season often depends on the support & resources available. Low income households are getting by, day to day with little margin for error. When a difficult season is encountered, life can go downhill without additional support. Joseph’s Coat offers resources of material assistance for families struggling through a difficult season.

Joseph’s Coat transforms lives in our community by offering Stepping Stones to families struggling during a difficult season. Our stepping stones include free: Clothing, Furniture, Household Good, Personal Care Products

Joseph’s Coat Is a Connector, a Conduit.

Champions recycle their resources of material goods, money or time through Joseph’s Coat. Their resources allow Joseph’s Coat to re-distribute clothing, furniture, household goods and personal care products to families in Central Ohio struggling through a difficult season.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Dec 01 Anonymous $6.27
Nov 28 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 21 Anonymous $11.62