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Beaver Flat 50 is a hilly hard-as-hell trail run at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, SK with over 2300 meters of vertical gain across 50 kilometers. That's almost 8000 feet of total climb. The prairies are flat.  This course is #anythingbutflat. Beaver Flat 50 is a tough get-your-feet-wet, wreck-your-shins, and roll-your-ankle kind of run. You're going to love it, hate it, and love it some more.  Guaranteed. 

Registration fees

Kids Fun Run Closed

Zillions of kids running around.

  1. Free
    Feb 14 - Sep 14

Some Stuff About Things

Thank you for registering for the 2018 Beaver Flat 50.  It's sure to be a good time. Here's some stuff you need to know.

  1. No transfers to other distances.
  2. No bib transfers to other runners.
  3. No deferrals to next year.
  4. No refunds.
  5. Race directors reserve the right to modify or cancel the race at any point for any reason (this provision exists mostly in case it's raining like crazy and we have to change the course at the last minute).

If an event sells out, we will manage a wait list.  Running poles are welcome.  Please leave your wearable music at home (unless it's earbuds. They're ok).  It's amazing how respectful people have been of the environment.  Let's keep it that way. Pack your garbage out.

We're running on Treaty land. It's special, sacred and magnificant. Be mindful of this.

Event Schedule

  • September 15 8:00 AM CST - Beaver Flat 50

  • September 15 8:15 AM CST - Dam Hard 20

  • September 15 8:30 AM CST - Trail Blitz 10

  • September 15 8:45 AM CST - Fletcher 5

  • September 15 11:45 AM CST - Kids Fun Run

Contact Information

Event Location

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Campground, Stewart Valley, SK, Canada

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