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8-week Intermediate Running Level Clinic with Pacific Pine Running Co.
Preparation for the 25 km Run for Water Trail Run (Saturday, May 26th)

Garrison Running Co., in partnership with Jenny Quilty and Katrina Abram of Pacific Pine Running Co., present this 8-week trail running clinic that will take place during the early spring in preparation for the 25 km Run for Water Trail Run (Saturday, May 26th).

This clinic is for participants who have run at least 10 km on the trails and are looking to build their trail running strength, stamina, and speed with completely guided runs. 

What this clinic will include:

1. The Saturday “long run” will include at least three leaders (including Jenny and Katrina) who will provide guided runs in and amongst the Chilliwack and Abbotsford trails.

2. This clinic will also include a led mid-week “key” run on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. Tuesday runs will be a speed workout and Wednesday runs will be a trail run with Jenny (part of her #WeRunWednesday series, where runners have a pre-flagged course and can run at their own pace for as long as they can or would like within the 2 hour period).

3. Training plan review/recommendations will also be provided. Clinic participants will have the opportunity to bring their pre-developed training plans and calendars to Jenny and/or Katrina and they will help them tweak their plans free of charge. This can be arranged on an individual basis within the timeframe of the clinic.

4. Discount on adventure runs with Pacific Pine Running Co. are also provided. 10% discount on registration for either our monthly adventure runs or our Manning Park weekend retreat.

5. GRC technical T-shirt provided.

6. Discounted shopping night at Garrison Running Co.

Registration fees

8 Week Intermediate Trail Running Clinic Closed

In preparation for the 25 km Run for Water Trail Run, these are completely guided long run routes to help ensure you run your best race!

  1. $100.00
    Jan 19 - Mar 23

Thank you!

Thank you for your registration! This event is going to help prepare you run your best 25km race to date. In this sport, we can only compete against ourselves and we want you to run your best race ever!

Event Schedule

  • March 24 8:00 AM EDT - 1 of 8 Saturday Run (12km)

  • March 31 8:00 AM EDT - Week Off, Easter Long weekend

  • April 7 8:00 AM EDT - 2 of 8 Saturday Run (16km)

  • April 14 8:00 AM EDT - 3 of 8 Saturday Run (17km)

  • April 21 8:00 AM EDT - 4 of 8 Saturday Run (20km)

  • April 28 8:00 AM EDT - 5 of 8 Saturday Run (17km)

  • May 5 8:00 AM EDT - 6 of 8 Saturday Run (21km)

  • May 12 8:00 AM EDT - 7 of 8 Saturday Run (21km)

  • May 19 8:00 AM EDT - 8 of 8 Saturday Run (15km or taper)

  • May 26 7:00 AM EDT - RACE DAY

Contact Information

Event Location

Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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