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Registration fees

Virtual Run Closed

If you can't get out for our run on the day but want a race where you get a shirt and bragging rights, we're it. Maybe you are shut in, stuck on a space station / oil rig , or you are in need of an incentive to get in your treadmill run. We'll send you the shirt (after you send us proof you ran 7, 18 or 34K on the day). We can't send the medal as you won't have passed our test or the freezie but you'll get the shirt!

  1. $30.00
    Jan 31 - Aug 14

7K Closed

Registration closed
    1. $45.00
      Jan 31 – Jun 29
    2. $50.00
      Jun 30 – Aug 14

18K Closed

Registration closed
    1. $50.00
      Jan 31 – Jun 29
    2. $55.00
      Jun 30 – Aug 14

34K Closed

Registration closed
    1. $60.00
      Jan 31 – Jun 29
    2. $65.00
      Jun 30 – Aug 14

General Information

Race Day Registration

Registration on the day of the race will be cash only! Yes you can do this, we still have room though you may not get a shirt. (7k - $60; 18k - $65; 34k - $75) Registration opens at 6.30 am (don't arrive early, the volunteers take a while to wake up and can be quite ornery if woken too soon!)


Highlights this year:

  • Due to our success we are forced to cap the entries for each race distance (enter early!)
  • Preview run of the course  in the spring  - June 10th, July 8th, August 12th (7.30 am on site)
  • Finishers medals for everyone who passes the 7k, 18k and 34K tests!
  • Catered food from “Pigout Roasters”
  • All entrants (before August 1st) receive a technical tee shirt
  • Age group awards
  • Freezies for all finishers


Trail Running Notes:

1)     Wearing headphones while you run is discouraged for trail running. Since it:

  • Makes it difficult for the runner to hear instructions from marshals and volunteers;
  • Impedes your ability to concentrate on the technical aspects of the course (you might fall!)
  • You may miss a sign and get off course through not concentrating;
  • You miss out on aspects of the flora, fauna and wildlife in the conservation areas. 

(if you insist on wearing headphones, take them off when approaching a marshal or water stop)

2)     Using a GPS device may not produce accurate results since the device does not accurately calculate distance when the elevation changes dramatically and if the signal is interrupted with significant tree coverage.

 3)     Water stops are contingent upon road access, therefore they are at irregular distances on the courses. You are encouraged to bring your own beverage and top it up at the course stops.

4)     There are no kilometer markings on the course – it’s a trail race not a road race!

5)     Same challenging routes this year, you are encouraged to check out the course map prior to your race so you have a general idea of the route to help prevent going off course. We try hard to mark the course sufficiently but sometimes we are unable to keep everyone on course.



7K Trail Map
18K Trail Map
34K Trail Map

The ITT 34K is in the Ontario Trail Series only. The 18K is not in any series.
 The Ontario Ultra/Trail/50K Series Rules are posted at

Aid Stations

4 fully stocked aid stations including fluids and food, but carrying a water bottle is strongly recommended. 

Timing and Results

Enfield Timing for fast and accurate results.

Directions (Google Map):

From Toronto or Hamilton (QEW): QEW to Guelph Line (Burlington); North on Guelph Line past Derry Road to Crawford Lake Conservation Area (turn right)

From 407: exit Dundas Street, west to Guelph Line, north (R) to Crawford Lake Conservation Area, turn right.

From Cambridge or Brampton: 401 to Guelph Line; south on Guelph Line to Crawford Lake Conservation Area, turn left


Event Schedule

  • August 18 7:45 AM EDT - 34K

  • August 18 8:00 AM EDT - 7K Race

  • August 18 8:00 AM EDT - 18K

Contact Information

Event Location

Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Conservation Road, Milton, ON, Canada

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