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Name Leader Members
Armbrae Suzanne Morrison Cynthia Lewis, Rebecca Cornick, Suzanne Morrison, Andrew Creighton, Stephanie Sajatovich, Kevin An-Jager, Bade An-Jager, Megan Sernyk, James Sernyk, Avery Sernyk, Chase Sernyk, Oona Craig, Nick Szymanis, JoAnne Brown, Maya Jabbi, Danielle Gardner, Lisa Gardner, Shea Rodee, Margo Langille, Jamie Langille, Kim MacIntyre, John Shimeld, Tala Jabi
Kingfishers Yale O'Connor Yale O'Connor, Cohen Hawes, Jack Langille, Maren MacDonald, Beckett Nadeau, Oliver Nadeau, Abby Lewis, Paige Carruthers, Anna Carruthers, Elliot Chambers, Rob Chambers, Saoirse McDonough, Aoife Marshall, Oliver Neeve, Anne-Sophie Le Rudulier, Grace Galloway, Tonya Brennan, Finley Brennan, Lydia Libis, Cole Nelson
North End Runners Johann Tienhaara Johann Tienhaara
PUSH Victoria Shupe Matt Cyr, Victoria Shupe, Kelly Andrews, Kris Andrews
Ross Family Derek Ross Renee Ross, Jonathan Ross, Derek Ross, Sharron Ross, Darah Ross
Runners Of Eastern Passage Dean Arbuckle Dean Arbuckle
Team Chase Heather Chase Heather Chase, John Smith, Juan Hector Rivas
The Big Strong Boys Ben Rittenberg Ben Rittenberg, Nick Milson, Jarett Dinn, Sean Irvine

Event Location

Point Pleasant Park, Point Pleasant Drive, Halifax, NS, Canada

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