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Name Leader Members Raised
FERRO & FRIENDS TAYLOR FERRO TAYLOR FERRO, SAMANTHA FERRO, CINDY FERRO, Kristina Sabbagh, Laurice Sabbagh, Keira Sabbagh $50.00
Marvelous Pitbulls Brianna Figueroa Brianna Figueroa, Clara Peck $28.00
Gemma + Odin = LOVE Alex Hopi Mike Zybarth, Sarah Zybarth, Alex Hopi, Amber Hopi, Jay Hopi $25.00
Boxerdrool Mary Haxby Mary Haxby $0.00
Fury, Millie and Lina'sPack Maureen Williams Maureen Williams $0.00
Japopo Kody Townsend Kody Townsend, Ashley Crane, Trisha Reid-Milliken, Dave Jenkin $0.00
Mighty Bulls Mirna Pacheco Mirna Pacheco, Randy Frost $0.00
Must Love Dogs Laurie Morgan Laurie Morgan, PAT SUTTON $0.00
Team mess with the bulls you get the Horns Nicole Jacobs Nicole Jacobs $0.00
Team Sammie Gina Crouch Gina Crouch, Morgan Crouch $0.00

Event Location

Rio Vista Community Park, West Thunderbird Road, Peoria, AZ, United States

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