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Ontario Brain Institute Foundation

Raise money for Ontario Brain Institute Foundation

EpLink – the Epilepsy Research Program of the Ontario Brain Institute – conducts research aimed at finding new treatments and therapies to stop seizures, and new strategies to improve quality of life. EpLink provides hope for individuals when current epilepsy treatments fail. 


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Pepper

Raised: $3,660.00

Howe Graceful

Raised: $3,415.00

The Tonic Clonics

Raised: $2,225.00

The Avengers

Raised: $1,350.00


Raised: $1,331.00

Simmons Family

Raised: $1,330.00

Team EpLink

Raised: $1,100.00

Emily's Extra-Special Team

Raised: $725.00

Team Pink

Raised: $546.93

TWH Valiante Lab

Raised: $515.00

Team Co-operators

Raised: $500.00

Bailey's Gang

Raised: $315.00

Rowan's Running!

Raised: $235.00

Team Fish

Raised: $180.00

RED Hawks for PURPLE

Raised: $150.00


Raised: $150.00


Raised: $145.00

Wolf Pack 7.0

Raised: $100.00

Katie's Seizure soldier's

Raised: $100.00

Collins fam

Raised: $45.00


Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Feb 25 Debbie MacMillan Good luck on your run Amelia! You go get them!!! xoxo $25.00
Feb 24 Liane Simmons $50.00
Feb 23 Keely Klassen Auntie loves you Amelia!! $100.00
Feb 23 Gramma You go girl ?? $50.00
Feb 23 Karen Hanes Have a great run! Undisclosed amount
Feb 23 Hannah Maxson $100.00
Feb 23 Daisy Popkie $25.00
Feb 23 Dennis Maxwell $100.00
Feb 23 Nicole Gordon Auntie loves you xoxo $100.00
Feb 23 Candice Sawyer $25.00