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The 2018 Family Day 5-km
A Virtual Run for Noor Ogli and her Family

New Brunswick is about to celebrate its’ first Family Day and what better way to celebrate than to help bring a new Canadian to our country?  Noor Ogli (on the left above) is a Syrian Law student who was very close to graduation when the attacks ended her education and caused her to flee her home.  She has been trying ever sense to make her way to Canada where she has established some friendships and an official sponsor.  Last year we held a run that helped move the process along and Noor, her mother and brother have been through the official interviews and are identified as candidates to come to Canada this spring.  The sponsor need some more help to have everything ready for this great family.  Noor is currently in Turkey and already trying to study Canadian Law.

On Feb 19 we invite you to join us in a 5-km event to raise money to help make this dream a reality.  To avoid the risks of winter travel, the plan is that you can do this with your friends and family in your own neighborhood, on your treadmills, on your snowshoes or skis… whatever works for you.

That evening at 7:00 pm we will have an on-line get together with her friend Zoe Caddell (on the right above) from Rothesay who spent time on-site in Greece and other locations helping with refugees seeking safety.  We even hope that Noor herself will join us on the webinar.  An amazing way to learn what it is really like to be a refugee from a war torn country.  A great educational opportunity for your family.

Registration fees

Family 5-km Run/Walk/Snowshoe/Ski/Roll INDIVIDUAL Closed

Complete 5-km anyway that works for you, your families and friends. Walk, run, snowshoe, ski, treadmill, relay, it is all good!

  1. $20.00
    Feb 4 - Feb 19

Family 5-km as a FAMILY Closed

Do it as a family... from your family to Nour's, a great way to celebrate Family Day

  1. $35.00
    Feb 4 - Feb 19

Event Schedule

  • February 19 12:00 AM AST - Your 5-km can be anytime

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