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For participating in PACE FOR THE DONKEYS 5K TRAIL RUN 2018

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Sep 14 Rebekah Pollock Run your *ass* off! (Best donkey pun I could come up with) xoxo $50.00
Sep 14 J A Tristram Lansdowne How long do they live in the wild though $25.00
Sep 13 Liana Schmidt $25.00
Sep 13 Shannon Linde $25.00
Sep 13 Kelli Thompson SAVE THE DONKS SWEET FRAND ♥ $50.00
Sep 13 Josée Guimond Dorky Dory Saves the Donkeys! So proud of you babe. $25.00
Aug 29 Robyn Cumming DREAMING OF DONKS $25.00
Aug 27 Laura Tobin save the sweet donkeys!!!! $25.00
Aug 27 Paul Terefenko DONKEY!!!!! -Shrek $25.00
Aug 26 Lauchie Reid Dort for donks! $25.00