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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Kick Asses Join team Dory Smith Dory Smith, Karie Liao, Laura Findlay $550.00
Eeyore Hearts Out Join team Megan Callaway Megan Callaway, Dylan Dingwell, Emily Ewles, Caleigh Mitchell, Deanna Mitchell, Lindsay Sproule, Joshua Sampson, Meredith Ivany, Cindy Rose, Kali Robinson, Rose Robinson, Sarah Kirby, Kerry Hack $327.00
Hey Hey We're The Donkeys Join team Barbara Riddell Barbara Riddell, Julaine Matthews, Kerri Van De Peer, Dawn Urbanowicz, Tracy Eydt, Lisa Amyot, Andrea Illes, Sara Drinkwater, Sandra Daponte, William Sorton, Amanda Anderson $225.00
The Mackintosh Girls Join team Torrey Mackintosh Torrey Mackintosh, Noa McKeown, Taia McKeown $165.00
Sassy Asses Join team Kristy Arthur Kristy Arthur, Lynn Clack, Karin Arnold, Alana Lefebvre, Victoria Caulfeild $115.00
Team Slau Join team Liz Milijasevic Liz Milijasevic $100.00
SmartAsses Join team Agnes Pawelek Agnes Pawelek, Alison Moore, Suzanne Conquer, Katie Zuccala $50.00
The Burro Whisperers Join team Erin Hellinga Erin Hellinga, Nathan Hellinga $50.00
CFG Kicks Ass Join team Julie Downer Julie Downer, Aranka Kovacs $25.00
Laugh My Ass Off Join team Lauren Haesler Lauren Haesler, AJ Phinney, Brooke Haesler $20.00

Event Location

6981 Conc. 4, Puslinch

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