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Name Leader Members
Card Family Niki Card Niki Card
Flash & Dash Allan Francis Allan Francis, Eric Francis
Frasers Meredith Fraser Meredith Fraser
Freedrum Kevin Freedman Kevin Freedman, Ratna Ningrum
Funk Family Linda Funk Linda Funk
Gray Sherie Gray Sherie Gray
Lewicki Carla Lewicki Carla Lewicki, Jason Lewicki, Nicholas Lewicki, Sydney Lewicki, Noah Lewicki
Mendoza Erid Mendoza Erid Mendoza, Lillian Mendoza, Yacine Mendoza, Senia Mendoza, Marius Mendoza, Cari Mendoza
Rademaker Jacqueline Rademaker Jacqueline Rademaker, Havana Rademaker, Chloe Rademaker
Roaring Tiger Carter Neufeld Carter Neufeld

Event Location

Crescent Drive Park, Crescent Drive, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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