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Where can parents turn when the unthinkable happens? Jack's Helping Hand. We are here to help when a child is diagnosed with cancer, injured, or is stricken with a rare condition or disability. In San Luis Obispo County, parents or guardians of children with special needs can turn to Jack's Helping Hand, a local nonprofit, for assistance with travel expenses, lodging, food, therapeutic and specialized equipment, and other needs that are not available from other sources, or that exceed the family's financial capability. Our programs enable and empower families and the community, to meet the unique and unmet physical, mental and medical needs of children and young adults under the age of 21.


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Mar 14 Anonymous $25.00
Mar 08 Tim Fant $50.00
Feb 25 Natalie Rossier $25.00
Feb 25 Allyson Avery $10.00
Feb 25 Daisy Castaneda $25.00
Feb 23 michael pires $25.00
Feb 23 Kristin Usilton $25.00
Feb 14 Alicia Martinez $5.00
Feb 13 Nicole Rogers $5.00
Feb 11 Lani Baclian $25.00