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Hillside Wesleyan Church

Raise money for Hillside Wesleyan Church

At times, a hand out is the only thing that helps, but our mission is to give a hand up.  Giving a hand out sustains you for the day where a hand up will sustain you for life.

Our mission is to raise funds that allow a team of people from Hillside Wesleyan Church to travel to Haiti.  The town of Babaco, in Port au Prince.  We also travel to the town of La Guanav.  When our team is there, we bring supplies with us, but we also use the funds raised during this annual run to buy supplies in the towns we visit.  We keep the money where it is intended.  

We teach the men and women skills that empower them physically and mentally.  We teach them skills that they can use to further their financial wellbeing at home so they can provide for themselves and their growing families.

Our mission doesn't stop there.  Our local mission is to help our community at home by introducing you to a fun, family friendly, active event for everyone.  We want to bring you outside again.  We want to remind you what racing your friends felt like.  We want to remind you what running in the woods feels like.

We want you to be free.  Feel free.  You are free.   

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 05 Natasha Flynn $50.00
May 05 Trudy Flynn $50.00
May 03 Harry Penny $20.00
May 03 Anonymous $25.00
Apr 27 Kim Brown $30.00
Apr 24 Kitty Undisclosed amount
Apr 24 Anonymous $10.00
Apr 22 Darrell Tannahill Undisclosed amount
Apr 21 Jarvis Googoo Undisclosed amount
Apr 21 Cindy Dyer Undisclosed amount