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Name Bib Location Sub-event Raised
Heather Simmonds 152 Hamilton, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $425.00
Stephanie St. John 157 Burlington, CA 10K Run (chipped) $100.00
Paul Stimers 163 Hamilton, CA 10K Run (chipped) $95.00
Joanna Bowman 22 St Clements, CA 10K Run (chipped) $50.00
Andy Bayer 19 Hamilton, CA 10K Run (chipped) $25.00
Emma Mehlenbacher 113 Toronto, CA 10K Run (chipped) $25.00
Faith Gallant 57 Toronto, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $25.00
Greg Rickard 136 Burlington, CA 10K Run (chipped) $25.00
Karyn Huisman 91 Waterdown, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $25.00
Nathan Smith 503 Grimsby, CA 2.5K Walk (not chipped) $25.00
Stephanie Breukelman 23 Rockwood, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $25.00
Brayden Neely 119 Hamilton, CA 1K Kids Run (chipped) $15.00
Evelynne Neely 120 Mount hope, CA 1K Kids Run (chipped) $15.00
Liam Neely 121 Hamilton, CA 1K Kids Run (chipped) $15.00
Lorna Neely 502 Hamilton, CA 2.5K Walk (not chipped) $15.00
Aaron Olinyk 124 Stoney Creek, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $0.00
Adam Riewald 138 Stouffville, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $0.00
Alan Schmutz 148 Hamilton, CA 10K Run (chipped) $0.00
Alannah Hall 63 Hamilton, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $0.00
Alex Busch 500 Hamilton, CA 2.5K Walk (not chipped) $0.00
Alex Barkey 16 Ancaster, CA 1K Kids Run (chipped) $0.00
Ali HFHT 71 Hamilton, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $0.00
Alicia McTaggart 111 Stoney Creek, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $0.00
Alison Mathew 109 BURLINGTON, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $0.00
Allison Faas 51 Sarnia, CA 5K Run/Walk (chipped) $0.00

Event Location

81 Macklin Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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