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Payout for this event 5% of registration fee

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2 Easy Steps (if you're registering for an event)

  1. Register for the event and share your unique referral link when prompted to do so on the thank you page.
  2. Keep track of your referral earnings by signing into your Race Roster promoter dashboard.

3 Easy Steps (if you're not registering for this event, but want to promote it)

  1. You must either sign in to your existing Race Roster account, or create a new account to begin.
  2. Add the events you would like to promote and "share" them via Facebook, Twitter and/or email. You can log back in to re-share anytime!
  3. When someone clicks on your link and registers for the event, Race Roster will credit your account with the referral.

Event Location

Lake Brazos, Waco, TX, United States

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