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Name Leader Members
"A" Squared Join team Suzanne Amsbaugh Suzanne Amsbaugh
Another Bad Idea Join team Kristi Enos Kristi Enos, Elena Crandell, KIm Crandell, Deena Fowler, Kristy Olney, Laura Banks, Jessica Reed
Anything for race bling! Join team Amy Wallis Amy Wallis, Alexis Wallis
Bite Me Join team Charlene Laffond Charlene Laffond, LaJina McQuay
CareRunners Join team Kristi Casey Kristi Casey
Coconuts Join team Marisol Oseguera Marisol Oseguera, Jim Sandoval
CrossFit Radiate Join team Cyndee Kiddoo Cyndee Kiddoo
Elevation Made Me Do It Join team Lisabeth Cuppoletti Tony Romero, Lisabeth Cuppoletti, Rebecca Cuppoletti, Chris Cuppoletti, Bill Heffernan, Carmen Bay, Rosemond Goucher, Catrina Howatt, Tony Cuppoletti, Mandy Mori
Half Twisted Runners Join team Kris Zehren Kris Zehren, Eric Sorenson
I Thought They Said "Rum!" Join team Brenda Tate Brenda Tate, Tiffany Rice

Event Location

50 U.S. 50, Stateline, NV, United States

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