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Name Bib Location Sub-event
Adam Macdonald 284 amherst, NS 1 Mile
Adrian Roy 297 Amherst, NS 5K
Alex Legere 296 Amherst, NS 1 mile and 5K Combo
Alicia MacIntosh 285 Oxford jct, NS 5K
Amanda Godfrey-Gogan 281 Springhill, NS 5K
Amy Sieburn 254 Sackville, NB 5K
Amy Manzer 178 Fort Lawrence, NS 5K
Andrea Gaunce 64 Shediac Bridge, NB 1 mile and 5K Combo
Andrew Gaunce 108 Shediac Bridge, NB 1 Mile
Andrew Barker 26 Falmouth, NS 1 Mile
Angela Ward 264 Oxford, NS 5K
Ann Harrison 40 Collingwood, NS 5K
Anthony Fromm 286 Amherst, NS 1 mile and 5K Combo
Ashley Hudson 312 Oxford, NS 1 Mile
Aubree Hudson 303 Oxford, NS 1 Mile
Ava Lawless 306 Oxford, NS 1 Mile
Avery Doucette 279 Oxford, NS 1 Mile
Bayley Rushton 325 oxford, NS 5K
Becky White 260 Dartmouth, NS 5K
Brody Kouwenburg 304 Oxford, NS 1 Mile
Byron SMITH 287 Oxford, NS 5K
Cali Hudson 313 Oxford, NS 1 Mile
Carol Gould 316 Amherst, NS 5K
CAROLYN HAMER 182 Dartmouth, NS 1 mile and 5K Combo
Carrie Mazur 310 Oxford, NS 1 Mile

Event Location

Oxford Arena, Waverly Street, Oxford, NS, Canada

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