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Raise money for BC Pets and Friends

BC Pets and Friends' mission is to provide and promote the healing power of the human-animal bond through pet therapy visitations.  Our team of 200 volunteer dogs and cats (and their human handlers) put this mission into action by visiting  hospitals, senior care facilities, hospices, schools and universities throughout Vancouver Lower Mainland.  In fact, Pets and Friends' volunteers made 10,000 pet therapy visits last year where people received the mood-boosting therapy that only a four-legged, furry friend can provide. As mounting research supports what we've known since our inception in 1982, that contact with animals profoundly benefits us humans both mentally and physically, requests from healthcare and educational facilities grows... so much so that we cannot meet the demand.  So Pets and Friends must grow!  Your support helps share the tail-wagging benefits of pet therapy to more people in our community.

Pets and Friends provides volunteers with screening, orientation, and facility placement services. After screening and orientation, pet-owner teams are placed with their desired facility which they will visit regularly for at least a year.


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BC Pets and Friends

Raised: $2,398.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 13 Lauren Bates $20.00
Jun 12 Wiivv Wearables $318.64
Jun 12 anonymous $250.00
Jun 10 Hieu Le Nguyen $50.00
Jun 10 Daphne Parker $50.00
Jun 09 Anonymous $5.00
Jun 07 Liz Allardice 🏃‍♀️💨💨👍🏽👍🏽💕 $25.00
Jun 06 Dawna Chu $50.00
Jun 06 Linda Prichard I know Cody has blessed so many children and keeps me smiling too. Just need more like him to help out. Thanks, Janice, Cody and Bella $100.00
Jun 06 Funcle Wayne and Auntie Sandra $50.00