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Chances are someone you know has experienced domestic violence. One in five women experience abuse in an intimate relationship. Annually an estimated 362,000 children in Canada witness or experience family violence. 

It takes a village to raise a child, including those who come through our doors. At Dixon, we strive to be that village. When you run, walk, or donate to Dixon, you become a part of that village, too. Our Child Support program supports children in their journey towards healing by offering fun yet educational activities. The program is also designed to support moms and children break the cycle of abuse in their lives. With your help, kids who have experienced violence can reach their potential and contribute to creation of communities where women and children are free from violence.


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Dixon Transition Society

Raised: $15,255.00

Forge Fam

Raised: $1,735.00

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Jun 08 John Lehmann Undisclosed amount
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Jun 05 William Tan $100.00
Jun 05 Adena Shirley Have a great run Soleil !!! What an important cause, great that you can be a part of it. $50.00