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Seeing things differently inspires limitless potential.

When most people think about children who are blind or partially sighted, they lower their expectations of what is possible. The result? Children who are blind or partially sighted often grow up underestimating their abilities and not reaching their potential. Blind Beginnings sees things differently. Through educational and experiential workshops, pre-employment training, summer camps, recreational activities and individualized counselling, Blind Beginnings offers these youth opportunities to develop skills, confidence and independence.

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Betty Nobel

Raised: $175.00

Victoria Levy

Raised: $25.00

Jinnie Saran

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Lia Dicicco

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Lisa Odland

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Marilyn Rushton

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Shawn Marsolais

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May 20 Noraa Sarsons $50.00
May 20 Margaret Mercer All the best, Betty, for your walk for Blind Beginnings. Undisclosed amount
May 19 Betty Nobel $100.00
Apr 27 Anonymous $5.00
Apr 24 Victoria Levy $25.00