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Total raised
$3,547.00 Goal: $10,000.00

Mission Possible is taking a proactive approach to poverty and homelessness in the Downtown Eastside and beyond. By recognizing the lack of opportunities among this community and filling that niche in a safe, supportive way, we are making real change in the lives of individuals and in our neighbourhood as a whole. By joining our Mission Possible team and raising funds for our program, you are making a difference!

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

Greg Allen

Raised: $1,385.00

Nicolas Tellez-Espana

Raised: $437.00

Jess Ebbers

Raised: $250.00

Geoff DeJager

Raised: $200.00

Matt Smedley

Raised: $200.00

Team leader

Pam Ryan

Raised: $200.00

Jeffrey Hockley

Raised: $125.00

Ricardo Tellez de la Torre

Raised: $125.00

Nick Fenyo

Raised: $105.00

Alejandra Margarita Tellez Espana

Raised: $100.00

Carla Olle

Raised: $100.00

Virginia Espana Cuellar

Raised: $70.00

Bobby MacDonald

Raised: $0.00

David Emri

Raised: $0.00

Julie Ekholm

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Jun 17 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jun 15 Denise Davis I hope you do an awesome job running. Happy to be able to support you. $25.00
Jun 09 Ricardo Tellez de la Torre $15.00
Jun 06 Mark Eligh $75.00
Jun 06 Anonymous $10.00
Jun 05 Ia Rivero $10.00
Jun 05 Luis Rivero $10.00
Jun 04 Jeff Sadgrove You'll never walk alone. $50.00
Jun 04 Anonymous $5.00
Jun 04 Kelly Ho $100.00